Economics: New York Funds Ask “Best ASEAN Story Is Who?”


By Pooky-this blog economics journalist

The inside joke with New York fund manager is: “We put those who wants to work for us through these crazy nasty test, but why do we trash the 20% top and 20% lowest performers, and only go for those who hit the norm?”

Abhisit is heading to New York for the UN meet, and will be meeting about 100 of the city’s top fund manager. Unfortunately for Abhisit, news are coming out of other ASEAN countries that those fund managers will also be meeting other representatives of ASEAN countries.

So who in ASEAN will capture these fund managers with their story? Fundamentally, the following economic fundamentals underlies their stock market.

  • Vietnam is growing leaps and bounds and its population is getting very well educated, still work cheaply, and have this renowned work ethics. On top of that, it is rich in resources and it is at a stage of development that looks like the sky is high with opportunities.
  • Malaysia is so well governed with cutting edge vision it makes Malaysia highly flexible to adapt to changing world environment. It also helps that it is a Muslim nation with rich natural resources. The population also enjoys high income.
  • Singapore has been hit hard with the global turn against finance and investments, but it is a very rich country with very talented white colar workers and still a very well organized city-state and a very good place as the ASEAN head-quarter for anyone interested in the region. 
  • Philippines is just such a good place for out-sourcing, and the people have this English language ability and its education is still great, IT heavy compenies just love to locate there.
  • Indonesia is just so vast and filled with resources, any up-tick sends shivers throughout the consumers oriented in the whole of ASEAN. Its tourism can also emerge as a very big drawer if terrorism ever subsides.
  • Laos, Cambodia and Burma might be on the back burner because of risks and size, but the potentials there are massively vast and can emerge anytime in a very big way.

Well that is the main competition Abhisit will be heading into with Thailand’s story being mainly first, political risk high, and second, massive stimulus.

The opportunity with these New York Fund Managers, is that many are not at all interested in beating the market, but are only interested in “Safety” and making “Decent Gains.” There are those like Mobias and others who seek to maximize returns and have a very large “Risk Appetite.”

But then Abhisit must choose his story well for his audiences. But then maybe Abhisit can hide away in the fact that these funds are so big, they tend to spread it around, no matter what story.

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