Politics: Is Thailand Turning Crisis into Opportunity for More Crisis?

By Tammy-this blog humanity journalist

Sleeping pills, anti-depressants and aspirin are medicines that are the top sellers in Thailand. Why is that?

  • From Wharton, to McKinsey to Boston Consultant-all have been warning companies for a long time now “Not to go to the market when one is not ready” and that is because the result will be consumers disappointment.

Abhisit have not heeded that warning, and has gone to the market in a big way.

Instead of solving Thailand’s political divide, with a comprehensive package of constitutional amendment to make it more fair and democratic, Abhisit have choose to attack Taksin and his Red Shirt as the cause for all of Thailand political problems.

  • Instead of solving Thailand’s fundamental economic problem, such as an over dependent on externalities and a total lack of focus on developing Thailand’s agriculture, Abhisit has borrowed and is spending massively on things such as roads. 

In fact, even as more and more people are daring to criticize Abhisity and his right wing-such as the Bangkok Bank who says Thailand relies too much on exports, or Anusorn of Kasikorn Bank’s broker unit, who says the massive borrow and spending is placing Thailand at great risk, or even to massive numbers of MPs outside of the Democrat Party, who wants a constitutional change as soon as possible, or even others such as the very right wing Post Today, warning that corruption may hit the Abhisit borrowing and spending like the grassroots project-Abhisit will not listen and continues to pour “Calculated Political Points Gains” into the Thai melting pot.

  • So like here Abhisit is heading to UN in New York to give a major speech. But is Abhisit ready? Well all one has to do is read the New York Times. First there was the Darunee story all over the place, and then it is Thailand’s Deep South all over the place.

From Wharton, to McKinsey to Boston Consultant-apart from warning about going to the market when one is not ready-also says that “Crisis are in fact an opportunity to correct mistakes.”

  • The question is have Abhisit recognize the mistakes of Thailand and then able to steer Thailand in the right direction-and so using this crisis to better Thailand?

Well, please look around and decide for yourself. Like today, the Thai military under Anupong, just said the military “Has to be involved in Thai politics.”

  • Things continue to look bad-politically and economically.

Politically-what that means off course is that the military has to keep propping up Abhisit because of the right wing agenda. And the Red Shirt, will be soon be holding a massive gathering to highlight the 3 years since the last coup.

Economically-even the Thai long term planner, NESDB, is all hyped up announcing out of now where that Thai unemployment is down. But the fact is that, many Thais have simply left the cities and returned to the farms.

  • Well perhaps the reasons sleeping pills, anti-depressants and aspirins are selling so well, is because things are not so well in Thailand.

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