Justice: Democrat Party Land Deals are Multiple “Scams”

My Siamese cats have many standards

My Siamese cats have many standards

By  Tammy-this blog’s  humanity journalist

Land Scams:

The Democrats are hot on Thai land deals. They are giving out millions or rai, and they are hot after land scams. These folks are known to be the most honest in Thailand, and they are also known to be Thailand’s sharpest legal minds.

Foreigners Land?

Today  Post Today reported as their lead story, that a key Democrat Part Mp, has found suspicious evidence of cross share-ownership, potentially indicating nominee, in a company that have bought 1,000 rai of land for farming activity.

According Thai laws, no laws has been broken because the registered company involved is held in majority by Thais. The Democrat MP  have gotten the Thai FBI or DSI, involved in the investigation. The DSI  earlier said they found nothing, but the Democrats were not happy.

Alpine Land?

Then Post Today also reported that the Alpine land deal had been bought up by the Democrat Party. A women willed a piece of  land to a temple, only to see the land sold to Sanoh, a politician that has been criticizing the Democrat Party. Sanoh developed the land into Alpine golf course, then later sold Alpine to Taksin.

Hi-Society Land?

Then Post Today also reported that the forest  department concluded that land bought by former Thai PM, under the coup,  and now a privy council, is in fact encroachment on forest land.

Playing Politics?

Well as expected, the Democrat Party is fast after the foreign nominee and the Alpine land deals because Taksin.

Taksin bought some middle east business people to Thailand and sparked a fear about foreigners buying up Thai land. Then the Alpine golf is also about Taksin.

Well as one knows the police is the unit under the supervision of the current Thai PM, Abhisit, and guess what, Post Today says the Thai police will not bring charges against the former PM for encroachment of forest land.

Well as we know, Taksin is the enermy of the Damocrat Party, and the millitary is an ally of the Democrat Party.

Nevin Land?

Then when the Democrat was the opposition, it attacked Nevin, who then was with Taksin but now with Abhisit, of enchroaching Thai railway land.  Guess what? That case is gone with the wind. In fact, many speculated that Nevin defected from Taksin to Abhisit, because of his need to protect this rail way land.

What type of a hypocritical standard?

Is this double, triple or quadruple standard and a bunch of hypocrite or not, you be the judge.

But then the Democrat is under pressure for  widespread corruption and they really need to draw the attention away from themselves.

And apart from hiding away its own corruption, it is in the processs of renting million of rai of state land to poor Thais-and making way for them to be able to use that rent to borrow money.

So there you go, make Taksin look like crap and make themselves look great.

A Funny Bone?

The funny thing is, the Democrat just told the DSI to go and tell the Thai board of investmernts to tell its office globally to tell foreign investors, about Thai law on land ownership.

So it is land law on political enemy, land law on political alliance, land law on high society or land law on foreigners the Democrat wants the BOI to tell the world?

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