Thai Culture: Troubled Thais Head to Mood Altering Medicine as Sales Skyrocket

I lost my Siamese cats to mood altering drugs

I lost my Siamese cats to mood altering drugs

By Tammy-this blog humanity journalist

Ask me to trust politician or those under the string they pull with facts? No way!

  • What I trust are hard raw facts from people who are not into politics.

Like the government now says, Thais are spending on entertainment again. Yeah, like I don’t know the entertainment expo is coming up and this is just about event boosting.

But the fact is that most alcohol companies, reports their sales are off some 20-30% so far this year.

Like the government says employment is picking up because help wanted signs are up. Yeah, like I can not remember than even when the economy was running at 5-6% there were still jobs going un-filled because Thais will not work them.

But energy drink like Red Bull says their Thai sales are down some 20%.

  • Then don’t tell me about the Thai happiness index or consumer confidence.

Because the latest figure from the medical association is that the top selling medical drugs in Thailand, so far for the year are first, sleeping pills, then anti-depressant, then aspirin, and then vitamins.

Add that to illegal drugs and “yes,” the Thais might be happy-but it is the happy out of their mind type of happiness.


Oh, if you want confirmation or the source of these facts, please check out Thai newspapers-like Post Today, Thai Rath and Matichon. They are filled with loads and loads of data and facts.

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