Red Shirts Focus: 1) Democrat Party Spy “Infiltrate” Red Shirts as Prem “Leaves” Bangkok

My Siamese cats does not trust outside cats

My Siamese cats does not trust outside cats

By Stingray-this blog’s security journalist

Matichon, a Thai mass circulated daily, reported today that perhaps the Democrat Party had sent spies to infiltrate the Red Shirt.

  • At the same time Prem, the man credited by many to have gotten the last coup going, left Bangkok for Nakornratchasrima-considered the heart of E-Sarn.

E-Sarn is the strong Hold of the Red Shirt. The Red Shirt is planning a major protest at the end of this month. The government had invoked the emergency decree and have banned protest moving to the government house or the parliament. About 3,000 police will be used to keep peace at the protest.

  • The police plans to use high pitch sound waves to discourage the gathering since such high pitch waves hurts to nerves and cause people to feel uncomfortable. The emergency decree means the military will be redyed to disperse the gathering protest-with force if necessary.

“For such a senior level Democrat Party person like Paniparn is not just an ordinary person that when he says something, can be forgotten. When he speaks, there is a shadow of of certain things. And this shadow is that the Democrat Party has sent spies to infiltrate the Red Shirt,” said Matichon’s “Can’t be Hidden” column.

Parniparn, the government spokesman, responding to criticism that the invocation of the emergency decree in readiness for the Red Shirt gathering at the end of this month, said that the invocation centered around news that “The Third Column” will take advantage of the situation and instigate violence.

“The spies reported back to the Democrat Party that in the Red Shirt planning for the protest, Chakrapop called into the meeting that took place at a location in a province at E-Sarn, that called for the Red Shirt to elevate their struggle into an armed conflict,” said Matichon.

Matichon added that the spies were shocked of Chakrapop called urging armed conflict. The spies also reported that Chakrapop indicating that there will be important changes in the government.

  • “There were warning after learning of Chakrapop’s prediction that there may be an assassination attempt of senior government official,” said Matichon.

Chakrapop had been calling for the red Shirt to arm themselves for over a year now, reasoning that the current Bangkok’s conservative government will not bring democracy or freedom to Thailand but will protect the Thai class system at all cost. Other leaders of the Red Shirt such as Jatuporn rejected the call and have recently told Jakrapop to leave the group and to form his own group.

  • Jakrapop is backed by several key former communist guerrillas fighters and are said to be ready to form armed fractions. Jakrapop exiled himself out of Thailand as a result of lese majeste charges.

Prem left Bangkok as the Red Shirt were considering a move to his Bangkok residence to protest Prem. The Red Shirt last protest of Prem residence in Bangkok resulted in police and military special forces attacking the protesters, leaving many injured.

Semetivej, the head of the Thai police during that Perm’s residence protest who lead the attack on the protest, has a resort in Nakornrajsasrima. His resort today was raided by the police looking for contraband-believed to be stockpile of weapons.

However, about 50 police involved in the raid, stood outside the resort for 2-3 hours waiting for someone from the resort to answer that search warrant. Finally, after the wait, police used speakes to announce the search warrant and entered the research for the search.

The army commander in Nakornrajasrima denied Prem’s was escaping problems of Bangkok and said Prem will be playing golf and exercising during his visit of the area.

Nakornrajasrima is about an hour from Saraburi, a town where the army keeps its main Bangkok protection military forces. The town is where most of the tanks involved in coups comes from.

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