Politics: Abhsit’s “Cloning” of Thaksin Speeded-Up

Original is still an original

Original is still an original

By Frank-this blog’s political analyst

The latest poll says Thais see Taksin is an effective and capable manager, but Abhisit as clean. Thai Rath, the neutral newspaper asked in its main editorial recently when will Thailand get a prime minister that is both “Capable and clean.”

“Thailand needs a leader with experience in life and in business,” Thai Rath quoted a Thai businessman.

Abhisit calls himself “Progressive”

  • That poll had been a cause of great discomfort for Abhisit, who now the all “Hail to Abhisit” newspaper Krung Thap Turakij said, Abhisit he will now focus on using the word “Progressive.”

While progressive is a term usually associated with modernization-which includes concept such as liberalism and free market-Abhisit is known to be a staunch conservative.

  • Taksin is known as very progressive and it appears that Abhisit now also wants to be known as the same.

Abhisit “Cloning” of Taksin continues

Below facts re-affirmed how far the cloning of Taksin is progressing:

  • Continuing of populus policies to the extent that Abhisit has reversed giving money for free to the grassroots, and Abhisit has now reversed back to the Taksin model of giving the money as lending to the grassroots that must be paid back.
  • The much criticized Takain’s drive for free trade area by the conservatives including Abhisit, is now a priority of the Abhisit government.
  • The much criticized Taksin’s drive for improved state enterprise-to the extent of taking many of these units private-is now being followed by the Abhisit government.
  • Taksin was a key driver of Thailand into knowledge based, blue ocean market and creative society. Abhisit is copying much of that.

Cloning Taksin’s negative side as well

  • Taksin is criticized of running a police state and abuse of power-yet Abhisit is trying hard to appoint the top Thai police-where the police traditionally play a key role in grassroots Thai politics.
  • Taksin is accused of corruption, but Abhisit government have been buffeted by corruption.

Taksin “Forward Looking”

But to many neutral observer, what makes Taksin different is that Taksin perceived as highly “Forward Looking.” One observer said in Thai Business that as Abhisit copies Taksin policies that work well in the past, “The fundamental has changes.”

“The world today and what it was 10 years ago when Taksin started to implement his many cutting edge policies is gone. The world is a different place that need a different set of policies,” said Anutham, a key Thai academic quoted by Tharn Setakij.

  • To many like Auntham, what underlies Taksin is a fundamental progressive spirit that is hard to clone.

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