Royalism: Thai Palace says Progress Not Easy & Conflict Destroys

My Siamese cats needs better team work

My Siamese cats need better team work

By Frank-this blog’s political analyst

Thailand’s palace, quoted by Krung Thep Turakij,  just said that progress is not easy and that conflicting Thais have the potential to destroy Thailand.

“Progress requires both knowledge and capital….I am sure that if the Thai people and the government cooperated and worked together towards a shared objective, Thailand will progress…..In the past, I worried that if Thailand will be destroy by conflict…..Each Thais were doing their own thing, no coordination….However, I have hope that Thailand will progress, if Thais use their knowledge,” said the palace.

Thailand is currently divided between those that believes in conservatism and those who believes in liberalism. The result has been a crisis for most of the past few years-that have seen Thailand loosing much of its competitive advantage against traditional competitors such as Singapore and Malaysia.

  • The Res Shirt lead by exiled and criminalized Taksin is considered progressive liberal, while the current government is considered far right conservatives. Little realistic attempt have been made to lessen the conflict. Constitutional re-draw to be more progressive and a general pardon for 100s of politicians, protectors, and Taksin have not been pursued as a package.

Currently, the goverenment of Abhisit is in conflict with itself over the appointment of the top Thai police. Fractions making up the government are competing to control the appointment. The Thai police is an integral part of the power structure in Thailand that reaches the grassroots level where many illegal activities takes place-and thus controlling the police have significant political ramifications.

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