Human Rights: 5) Thai Activist and NGOs are mostly “Rebel Without A Cause”

My Siamese cats thinks only of their class sometimes

My Siamese cats thinks only of their class sometimes

By Tammy-this blog’s humanities journalist

Thai NGO is making headline across the globe, joining the force with Doctors Without Borders in trashing Obama for a suspected plot of keeping drugs expensive to developing countries.

  • Well who can argue with cheap drugs for those in need. And who can argue that doctors have a duty to take care of the ill.

Yet Thailand is in political turmoil, and Thai doctors have been documented over and over to refuse to treat patience, that does not up-hold the Thai class system. And yet in all of those incidents, there was not even a Thai activist or NGO coming out to cry “Foul.” 

  • And if one think that that those incidents are isolated, well several internation human rights groups have come out and complained against Thai activist and NGOs for not speaking out against the Thai class system-that is hurting Thai human rights greatly.

Currently, Thailand is hit very hard by the epidemic, and doctors here have complained that the government have failed to take proper steps. Yet, no activist or NGO have come out to criticized the government-because the current government is a protectorate of the Thai class system.

  • The bottom line is that the Thai class system, is hurting the poor chances of fair access to quality of life on all sides-including quality medical service.

Yet these Thai activist and NGO, prefer the Thai class system over human rights. This attack on Obama, is a good sign that at least, they are on the right track at some level.

Worse yet, the far right Conservative government is using this attack on Obama, as a way to fend off America’s call for democracy, freedom and liberty in Asia.

  • Well, as one can’t argue that cheap drugs are important to developing countries, one can also make an argument that democracy, freedom and liberty are also important to developing countries.

Yet this is a fact that Thai activist and NGOs will not accept. So overall, Thai activist and NGO are very much a group of “Rebel without a Cause.”

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