Human Rights: 3) “Quality” Relentless March to the Top

My Siamese cats are sometimes great, but sometimes horrible

My Siamese cats are sometimes great, but sometimes horrible

By Terry/Tavivoot-this blog’s editor

Humanity has been on a long march towards “Quality.” That is the underlying macro trend driving human civilization advancement.

  • Warren Buffet, the most successful stock market investor based on “Value Investing,” now is into medicals-and this indicates what he sees as value.
  • The IMF, today reported that the world, particularly, sovereign rich Asia, should buy more American goods-and this indicates what is the value that will save the global economy since American goods are known as having high value.
  • Moody, the cutting edge credit rating agency, just affirmed yet again that in the ASEAN region, it is still Singapore and Malaysia that are the top quality-with Thailand trailing a distance 3rd place.

All the above indicated that the world is moving towards “Quality.”

In Thailand, “Quality” is moving up the ranks as well.

  • Meechai, a high quality guy when it comes to developing the poor, has risen to the top rank in Thailand’s efforts to develop the poor.
  • In E-Sarn, the For Thai Party, have been ranked by the E-Sarn people as having the best quality of MPs-and the For Thai have been going against immense counter-waves.
  • In Thailand, the newspaper business sales have tanked by about 30%, however, Thai Rath, reports brisk sales and Thai Rath is considered the most real and balanced paper in Thailand.
  • Then several Thai exporters, are saying they were “Shocked” by Thailand’s July export figure-breaking tradition that exporters will always tow the government line in only saying good news.
  • Even at Thailand’s custom house, where the service desk is considered the end for civil servants, is being turned into the most important unit of the organization.

All of that, all of the above, says “Quality” is back. But what is quality in the Thai context?

Judging by history, quality in Thailand comes from mainly two concepts-the palace and democracy. The two gives Thailand an immense potential advantage in quality-when these two complement each other.

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