Human Rights: 1) Thai Humanity Sinks as the Thai Wife of Foreigners to be Grilled!

I love my Siamese cats because I am strange

I love my Siamese cats because I am strange

By Tammy-this blog’s humanities journalist

Foreigners Thai Wife Under Attack:

About a year ago, Taksin returned to Thailand, and he bought with him many middle east business people. Taksin said those business people were to help Thailand develop petrochemical industry and agri-culture related industry. Most of the Thai pres are extremely against Taksin, and began running stories that these people were in fact looking to buy land in Thailand.

Today the Thai government is rushing passed a law that gives the government the authority to “Confiscate such land at market price.” It said Thai land are important for national security as such land gives Thailand food security.


After that, the situation snow-balled, and a witch hunt ensue to prove rumors that foreigners have bought Thai land through nominees. The Thai FBI, DSI, conducted a massive investigation-and found nothing, as the right wing paper Bangkok Post reported.

The current government, that is extremely against Taksin, was not happy and ordered the DSI and other bodies to investigate further. It accumulated to this morning report that the Thai government will start looking at Thai-foreigners marriages-to see if the husband are using their wife to buy Thai land.

  • “We investigate these marriages why they are buying land,” said the Thai government.

The current government is a right wing conservative government that have demonstrated a willingness and actual action to use pressure tactics on the entire Thai population.

According to latest study, about 30,000 of such marriages exists in Thailand. Many of the Thai girls who marries foreigners, have benefited greatly financially. Most foreign husband of these Thai wife, buys land and build houses for the families to live and work on. Most of these families, are located in Taksin territory of E-Sarn and the North.

  • About 3 million Thais live in foreign countries, mostly in the US and Europe-and enjoy freedom to buy land there. Many Thai in California and Texas, for example, buy large plots of farm land to grow tropical fruits and veg eatables to sell to the Asian community there.

Thai press are extremely hyped up on this matter and are now reporting of massive foreign land buying in Africa-mostly not reporting if the laws in those African countries allows it or not.

  • The government quoting the DSI, now says it found massive land track in Thailand held by nominee.

Thailand ranks as one of the globe’s major food exporter, however, productivity of Thai agriculture have fallen as in other countries have risen. Thailand is having to compete very hard to exports its agricultural products and is involved in massive agricultural price support. The current government is opening up massive state land track for renting by the poor to farm-including forest land that have deteriorated.

Thais are naturally happy:

Thais are know to have a very high degree of tolerances. It is based on Buddhism teach of cycles and their situation is all about past Karma. They are also known to be happy-going. However, Thai politics have seen the happiness index of the Thais falling and falling.

As a foreigner, I often walk around the Sukhumvit area streets, that is packed with stalls selling goods to foreigners. One stall owner tells me that her sales are down by about 70%. But as she said it, she smiled and laughed at her condition. She said she is living day by day, borrowing from loan shark to survive.

Thai humanity deteriorates:

The level of Thailand’s humanity development has fallen greatly in the past few days, base on the following:

  • The Washington Post reported that the current government is using the current division of Thais to further implement right wing conservatives position in Thailand.

“They are not interested in appeasement or national reconciliation,” said a Thai observer on Washington Post.

  • After months of warning from international human rights organization against strict enforcements of lese majeste laws, the Thai government says it will go after violators with increase enforcements.

“The Thai government refuses to listen to human rights organizations around the globe,” said Thai Political Prisoner blog.

  • A Thai political party will today introduce a bill for the government to consider that is aimed at pardoning the Yellow Shirt from their occupation of the Thai airport, Suvanaphum, that many says the occupying action falls into a terrorist activity.

“The Red Shirt sees this as a government ploy to free the terrorist Yellow Shirt,” said Thai e-news, the official news outlet of the Red Shirt.

  • Thai authority said they will start scrutinizing mixed race Thai-foreign marriages to sees why these Thai wife of foreigners are buying land.

“We will scrutinize these marriages to see what is their intent in land buying,” says Thai government.

  • Thai Hill Tribes in remote areas, that have been treated as second class citizens, are greatly angered at the Thai Miss Universe for using the Hill Tribe clothing in the Miss Universe contest, without even mentioning the Hill Tribe.

“They don’t ever give credit to out heritage and at the same time, treat us like we are not Thais,” said the Thai hill tribe “Long Neck” leader.

  • The Thai government appointed, a very pro-government, the top civil servant of the Interior Ministry that controls the Thai administrative structure, ahead of more senior people-causing resentment in this massive Thai government apparatus.

“This appointment has caused a great deal of discontent in the ministry, how do you respond to that,” said True cable TV journalist.

  • Thai environmentalist have been dealt several major set-backs as the Thai government has de-leverages environmental protection regulations.

“We have little recourse left,” said Thai environmental lawyer.

  • The highly promoted “I love Thailand” message, reaching the apparel market are selling extremely badly at Thailand’s wholesale closing market of Pratunam.

“Anything skull and psychedelic are selling like hot cakes, anything love is out,” said an owner of a whole sale apparel store.

  • Bangkok traffic is expected to reach total grid-lock level, with 20-30 major flyways across intersection being refurbished at about the same time.

“Total traffic chaos! How to live with it,” said True cable TV.

  • The Thai populus spending at the grassroots have been buffeted with corruption and wrong underlying philosophy that NGOs handling the programs are threatening to leave it

“If things continue on this course, I will go back to helping the poor in my small way, because even with less money, I can help much more,” said Meechai, a famous Thai NGO helping the poor.

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