Thai Culture: Thai Wising Up as “Lighting and Thunder Strikes”

My Siamese cats are back, and I am rocking again

My Siamese cats are back, and I am rocking again

By Tammy and Frank-this blog’s humanity and political journalist

Yesterday, when the sky was clear, at the palace as the troubled Red Shirt were submitting their petition to the palace, and at government house,  where the also troubled Abhisit’s government were grouped together-at about the same time-in front of the palace thunder burst so loud, the birds flew off the ground in panic, and at the government house, lighting struck the tip of the government house.

At one of Thailand’s busiest book store, B2S, at the Mall on Asoke, the sales people who were watching the news on TV, were clearly shook after journalist reported the freak natural occurrence.

A heated debate ensue among the several sales people. Was it bad luck? Was it good luck? Was it worse for Taksin or Abhisit?

  • “I tell you, something about us Thais, but we all tend to be at our best and happiest only at the worse of times,” said the sales person.
  • And then at this book store that sells pro-Taksin and pro-Abhisit media, right together as a bunch, sat down and had lunch together.

And judging by several journalist at a few of Thailand’s best news outlet, looks like this might be one of Thailand’s worse of times, because the Thais might be breaking the fever and are now on their best form.

  • Thai Rath reported Abhisit is heading now to continue its version of populus policies by bunching about 2 million rai of vacant state land together, and then renting them out cheaply to poor farmers-perhaps as a way to contain spending and increase Thai agricultural output.
  • Matichon reported that Abhisit will likely scoot the corruption tainted Korbsak away from economic management that is close to money matters.
  • Then believe it or not, Channel 3, the all pro-Abhisit, dedicated a lot of air time to pro-Taksin activity-like Taksin saying he will always be a servant of the Thai king and actually went to look at rubber tree that the Nevin corruption case is all about, and found that those rubber tree Nevin bought from CP, were of bad quality.
  • And several journalist wrote about how Abhisit, after messing with the police appointment list, after using the administrative structure to get people to sign anti-Taksin petition, after getting high ranking civil servants to issue anti-Taksin statements-finally appeared to have back-off because in the scheduled appointment time of middle to low ranking administrative civil servants, he is letting these people compete freely to rise up the rank.
  • Then the police head that was kicked out of office returned, and the guy who Abhisit elevated to replace him-just stood to the side, and let the returned one, take control-all very peaceful.
  • Then at perhaps the worse of time for on of a very promising emerging Thai industry, the Thai films industry, Thai film makers is going to stage a real “Big Bang” spot lighting Thailand and ASEAN as a new global hub for quality films.

All of that is a good indication that things are certainly cooling off and a middle ground is emerging.

  • But then again this is Thailand and anything goes, for the better or the worse, and as most long term residence foreigners here have said, “Nothing surprises me anymore in Thailand.”

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