Democracy: Obama & Thaksin Share a “Democracy” Common Ground?

My Siamese cats never likes to be lead for long by any cat

My Siamese cats never likes to be lead for long by any cat

By Frank-this blog’s political journalist

Poor Abhisit-because looks like Obama, Washington Post and Taksin have certainly formed a united front.

Obama, Taksin, Washington Post:

  • Obama’s polling team going to work for Taksin and found that 70% of Bangkok people want the people’s constitution back and want to get rid of the current military drawn up one.
  • Then Washington Post, that just happen to be the paper of record for US politics, ran a story about how Abhisit is slowing the reconciliation process in Thailand to keep the class system going.
  • Then today, Taksin issued a statement saying Thailand can’t be run by someone who is not interested in reconciliation and is not bringing democracy to Thailand.
  • And to top of it all off-Hillary and a bunch of ambassador is getting real pushy about democracy and freedom in Thailand.

Then Thailand is forming into a really volatile battle ground.

  • Then Thai Rath, ran a story about how potentially about 100 Thai MPs, of the total 400 plus numbers of Thai MPs, might get axed for crossing all sorts of election rules.
  • Then so many court cases are coming up that might very well put pressure back into the Thai pressure cooker.
  • Then so many corruption stuff floating around-most of that against Abhisit.
  • Then the Yellow Shirt is getting stronger by the minute.
  • Then the military have declared their independent from Abhisit.
  • Then the global economy sort of turned into a question mark again.
  • Then the ASEAN thing is coming up and it looks like a messy party.
  • Then Sondhi Bun started a political party in the deep south and looks like about 10 MPs is going to be gone from Abhisit’s control.
  • Then For Thai MPs are telling the North and E-Sarn to revolt as a way of getting the most money out of Abhisit-and so taking a big chunk of credit away from Abhisit’s populus spending.

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