ASEAN Defense: Thai Intelligence Apparatus Operating “Below Peak Performance”

I wonder if my siamese cats will like it

I wonder if my Siamese cats will like it

By Stingray-this blog’s national security journalist

Several legal cases is expected to add explosive fuel to the current systemic conflict in Thailand, according to Thai intelligence sources, off record, to this blog.

“We fear that these rulings will increase the level of discontentment in Thailand, leading to renewed energy,” said Thai intelligence, declining to elaborate.

Several cases are up to or close to judgement.

The smart right wing paper, Bangkok Post, just reported on the election fraud commission as saying that massive contribution to key Democrat Party leaders that was not reported were for, “Personal use only” and has “Nothing to do with the Democrat party” and therefore “No wrong Done.”

Then the neutral newspaper, Thai Rath, also reported that a corruption charge against a key alliance of the Democrat Party, will likely be found not-guilty, because “Certain high level anti-Taksin individual, had broke decorum and testified on behalf of this key ally.

Several Thai newspaper have been running stories indicating that the Red Shirt objective is two fold. First, is to use the petition as forcing Abhisit to axe it, and thus put attention and focus on Abhisit. The second, is to use the expected ruling, to show how un-just Thailand is, and so legitimize the Red Shirt charges that Taksin is a victim of un-just prosecution.

On the first issue, after the petition is accepted by the palace, according to practice, the petition heads to the Thai prime minister for an opinion. One the second point, recent polls indicated that most Thais sees their courts as un-just and the Red Shirt have maintained that Taksin is not a corrupt politician as many believe.

Most Thai journalist do not believe that violent conflict will happen any time soon, since an election appears near and all sides do not want to up-set the electorate right before an election.

However, the Thai intelligent source said there were, “Definite Risks.” He declined to elaborate further on national security grounds, but only agreed to add that, important peace and order keeping apparatus have been greatly compromised by politics, and are, “Not Functioning at Peak Performances.”

Concerning televised reports that Thai internal security apparatus is worried about the “Third Column” taking advantage of the situation and instigating violence,  senior Thai intelligence source told this blog, on record, that it will see such force as a dircet threat to Thai national security and dealt with “Accordingly.”

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