ASEAN: Abhisit’s ASEAN is an Integration vs Disintegration

Why should I care more than Thailand?

Why should I care more than Thailand?

By Pooky and Frank-this blog’s political and economics journalist

The Thai prime minister, Abhisit, whose Thai political position is disintegrating fast, will likely last long enough to walk into the head position of the next head of ASEAN meet. Unfortunately for Abhisit, ASEAN itself is disintegrating fast.

  • But several top ASEAN analyst tells this blog, “If anyone can bond it together, it is Abhisit.”

“He rose to the top when everyone was falling, and comes with lots of luggage, but is still the hope of a better Thailand and at this point ASEAN very much hinges on Thailand,” said a New York, stock market analyst, who before the last ASEAN meet of foreign minister said ASEAN has little chance of integrating much.

Abhisit position in Thailand has disintegrated, mostly through corruption, internal struggle for power and hard to accommodate demands from externalities. Thai Rath, a neutral Thai newspaper, tells of how most politicians in Thailand are preparing now for an election in a short time.

  • ASEAN is disintegrating for a variety of reasons.

The smart right wing newspaper, Bangkok Post, warned earlier, even as the ASEAN foreign meet took place last month, that, “Burma will test ASEAN unity.” Well since then, ASEAN members have differed on the issue and now ASEAN again is all hands off on Burma at a time globally, everyone is slapping the crap out of Burma’s military junta.

  • Even China’s calling for the world to respect Burma’s judiciary system is making China look ridiculous more than anything else-at the time even the Thais thinks its own judiciary system is ridiculous enough.

Then the Krung Thep Turakij, part of Abhisit’s own public relation team-after months of building up Thailand’s economic recovery news in support of Abhisit’s position-just yesterday reversed all of that and for the first time in a very long time got really real and: “Took ASEAN economic integration to bits and pieces.”

Well, by just looking those two Thai papers, Burma and economic integration have highlighted the type of danger Abhisit is heading into at the next big ASEAN meet, that will be attended by top leaders from top countries around the world.

Then the Thai navy just announce a new base and to not allow French oil firm Total to explore oil and gas that Cambodia allowed it to do in a disputed area between the two ASEAN countries. Then letting the Merchant of Death get away with it, the Thai crackdown on human rights, and the massive level of cheating of tourist in Thailand-all the way to secret CIA prison in Thailand-all of the above have really debased Abhisit’s standing globally.

  • Simply, it is a “Critical Path”

But Abhisit is definitely not a bit player. The democrat party is good in two things only-one is in economic linkages and the second is in negotiating. And Abhisit excels with a great deal of excess in these two areas-meaning ASEAN meet will be just a piece of cake for Abhisit.

But the problem for Abhisit really, isn’t the ASEAN meet at all. It is clear as daylight to everyone around the globe for a long time now that ASEAN still have a very long way to go to form a close community deeply integration type of thing. So not many people expects anything much from Abhisit.

But the problem is that Abhisit needs a good ASEAN showing for Thai internal consumption. Over more, Abhisit has failed greatly in the eyes of most Thais, and Abhisit really needs this ASEAN thing to prove not only to others, but also to himself, personally, that he is worthy to be Thailand’s prime minister.

  • America Answers Abhisit’s Call for Engagement

And Abhisit should have known, when he was so successful a the last ASEAN meet to make Hillary say America will engage ASEAN again-that whatever America does, underlying it all is the American spirit of freedom and democracy.

As Matichon, Thailand’s on and off liberal vs conservative paper reported: “One ambassador, mung many, who recently visited Taksin’s representatives in Thailand said, “We all are really worried about democracy and freedom, not only in Thailand but ASEAN as a whole.”

How on earth is Abhisit going to keep disintegrating liberty, freedom and democracy is anyone’s guess.

  • And that is pretty much the “Silver Bullet” that Abisit is thinking about at this very moment.

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