Justice: Yellow Shirt gets Blank Checks for Corruption Message

Good luck Yellow Shirt, but tone down a bit please

Good luck Yellow Shirt, but tone down a bit please

By Frank-this blog’s political journalist

The Yellow Shirt told this blog, off record, today that it had received blank checks and will focus on corruption as the primary election campaign message.

“Sondhi got blank checks a few days ago and the current corruption disclosures reaffirms Sondhi’s belief that corruption is the root cause of all of Thailand’s problems-we will focus on this,” said the Suriyasia source.

Taksin, the leader of the Red Shirt, has been accused as the center of massive corruption during his administration of Thailand. Currently, Abhisit of the Democrat, faces similar charges.

Today, the Yellow Shirt, officially launched their campaign by way of the smart right wing newspaper, the Bangkok Post, with an exclusive story quoting Sondhi as saying, “Please choose your side between us and the Democrat Party.”

Other newspapers, such as Thai Rath, ran several analysis indicating that an election appears close at hand, as most of the Thai politicians are now posturing and organizing for an election.

The Suriyasai source said, unlike many other parties that are all about certain individuals, the Yellow Shirt, is different in that it is a movement that does not rely on individuals. “I don’t care if all of us land in prison for the Suvanabhum protest, because the movement will continue even if we have to coordinate it out of the prison or other people take over guiding the movement.”

Suriyasai source said several high net-worth individual have given Sondhi blank checks for the political movement-but declined to say who they were. The Yellow Shirt received massive support from the middle class and wealthy individuals during its long-term street level movement in the past few years.

The Yellow Shirt is known to be intensely extremist, with little respect for limits in its drive to achieved its objectives. Currently, the Yellow Shirt have attacked virtually every aspect of Thai politics-except for smaller parties making up the Democrat Party coalition.

Most Thai political observers don’t believe the Yellow Shirt will fare well at the election booths, but some indicated that time was on the Yellow Shirt side since all sort of negative news is hitting everyone in Thai politics. “Who knows, everyone is getting muddied, but if Sondhi can come across as clean, maybe he has a chance.”

Sondhi, a journalist, flag ship news outlet, Manager Weekly, sells extremely well across a wide spectrum in Thailand, bridging political allegiances, because Manager Weekly has been focusing on one thing only, and that is in “Exposing Corruption.”

The Yellow Shirt hatred of corrupt politicians and politics, have seen it attacking democracy itself-calling on the spirit of Kukrit, who teaches that anything is OK, if it is done by “Good People.” The Yellow Shirt is a staunch supporter of the palace-however, many have pointed out that its un-conditional support and limitless tactics, have in fact harmed the palace greatly.

Sondhi himself, faces charges from the Thai stock market regulator for circumventing proper procedures by many of his stock market listed firms.

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