ASEAN Defense: Thai Tank Commanders Told by Top Echelons “Coup Not Yet”

Looks like bad economy is saving Abhisit

Looks like bad economy is saving Abhisit

By Stingray-this blog’s security journalist

Thai tank commanders who are anxious to stage another coup, were told by Thai military high command, today, that: “Coup, Not Yet.”

According to Thai military high command, who told this blog off record, the military is greatly angered at the Abhisit government for a variety of reasons, but for economic reasons, it will not stage a coup at this point.

The high command is angered at Abhisit namely because:

  • Abhisit has ignored that fact that the Thai military high command has a “Non-Total Command” over the entire military apparatus and thus to link the high command to the assassination attempt of Sondhi Lim, is not fair and is politicizing the matter.
  • Abhisit has rejected the high command several urging that Thailand faces many external threats and needs to fine tune its military equipment stack, but Abhisit have denied those request.
  • Abhisit has cut the pay for military personnel and channelled the resources towards winning the political battle at the grassroots levels.
  • Abhisit has refused to listen to the high command of potential for a new wave of terrorist activity in Thailand’s Deep South and a serious risk that a lack of attention may leading to Thai terrorist international linkages.
  • Abhisit has refused to tone down its extreme anti-Taksin position that have backfired and is damaging the palace.

According to the high command, the military will not stage a coup at this point for one reason only and that is because Thailand’s economy is: “Not Ready.”

However, tank comanders in contact with this blog said they were ready to stage a coup and if the pressure keeps mounting, there were limits and they may take matter into their own hands.

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