Thai Culture: Top Thai Royalist University “Tells Palace”

My kids are not going to Chula for sure

My kids are not going to Chula for sure

By Terry/Tavivoot-an alumni of a Chula’s school

Chula, considered Thailand’s best university, today told the palace’s secretariat to re-consider its position on accepting the Red Shirt’s Taksin petition.

Many Thai royalist are questioning Chula’s move since the palace words are considered final and must be respected by all royalist.

“I may not agree with the Taksin petition, but now I am also not happy with my old’s school action on questioning the palace and telling the palace to this and that. As a Royalist, that action seems inappropriate,” said an engineer graduate from Chula on TV tonight.

The palace had earlier said it will accept the Taksin’s petition, however, some sources said that acceptance is still not 100% firmed.

Chula is trying hard to scuttle the palace’s move-to the extent that many and wondering what it is about-because Chula is considered the Thai university that always follows the palace’s lead.

But now it appears that Chula is not pleased with the palace’s secretariat.

Some insiders in the Thai educational field said what is on the line for Chula is not the palace’s interest, but that of the university’s position in the Thai society. That is because Chula has been the lead on getting most of the Thai academic circles to attack Taksin, for a very long time now.

To have to accept the palace’s position in accepting Taksin’s petition, had greatly embarrassed Chula.

“I want to tell all those Chula academics that says our petition is not legal, to go and hide their faces because we have maintained that it is legal and the palace’s acceptance indicates that this is not against the law,” said Thai e news, the official news outlet of the Red Shirt.

Chula can’t afford to be embarrassed because it weld tremendous influences throughout Thailand’s government and business areas. And many say this is why Chula dares to challenge the palace’s lead.

“They will not understand that perhaps this is a signal from the palace, but they are blinded by their self-importance,” said Thai e news.

Chula is not an important educational institution, from a quality education point of view, and its professors are considered backward. However, Chula is important for one reason only and that is its alumni.

Chula’s alumni typically rise to the top of where ever they land in Thailand. That is mainly because it has been around for a very long time and the network is vast and deep. Over more, Chula’s graduate considers themselves an elite class of Thailand and they support each other and continues that close net-work.

The university therefore imposes immense influences in Thailand.

Many other Thai universities that have improved their educational standard above Chula’s standard, still sees its graduate having little chance to rise above Chula’s less capable  graduate. This has been a cause of great disgruntlement in Thailand and many educators have said Chula’s graduates are slowing Thailand’s progress and hurt Thai businesses.

This best Thai university is nowhere on the list of the globe’s best university, unlike many such as in Singapore that is fast moving up the rank. This Thai best university still ban books and pressure professors who does not up-hold the palace line to leave the university.

Earlier, there were signs of improvement, with many organized conferences and public meetings on critical issues impacting the Thai society. However, Chula has canceled many of them when Thais of opposing views than Chula’s views indicated they will attend these meets.

Taksin daughter went to Chula and was welcomed by professors there who asked Taksin’s kid, “How can you show your face here.”

Taksin’s kid subsequently left Chula for the UK to continue her education. Thai press were outraged of how Taksin’s kid was treated there and asked Chula what does Taksin kid have to do with Thai politics.

Many of Chula’s graduate doctors placed signs on their medical clinic saying they will not accept Red Shirts or anyone on their side as patience. When the Yellow Shirt, a violent extreme pro-palace group, blocked traffic in protest, many hospitals hurt by the traffic gridlock that followed complained about how ambulances can not get to the hospitals, Chula said however that the protest was more important than anything.

While most business in the area during that protest closed themselves down because customers avoided the area, Chula issued a statement saying its shopping mall business in the area has improved with so many protesters bringing in businesses.

Chula was started by a Thai king who exemplifies at best that the Thai palace has to offer-except perhaps for the current Thai king, Bhumibol. While the current Thai king is revered for his dedication to helping develop the poorest regions of Thailand for most of his working life, the Thai King that started Chula took Thailand into the modern aged-such as abolishing slavery, started organizing the government according to western structure and laid many important infrastructures in Thailand.

The spirit of that Thai king who started Chula still lives Today in Thailand. His picture has become the symbol of prosperity and good luck.

However, as many professors have defected Chula, books banned and students prosecuted, it appeared that Chula has lost touch with the spirit of modernization and has latch instead on to the symbol of the palace as more important than the spirit of the Thai King who started it.

Chula graduates compete mainly with graduates from Thamasart, another university started by progressive philosophy only to see it become staunch right wing conservatives these days.

The problem is that many of Chula and Thamasart graduates end up in the Thai government. Carrying on their competition since in the universities, these graduates continues their fight in the government. The result is clashes in the Thai government between the two fractions. And this have lead to low standard of Thai civil servants professional level.

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