ASEAN Defense: Singapore says Thai Internal Security in a “Cool of Thailand Drive”

I am starting to miss Singapore all over again

I am starting to miss Singapore all over again

By Stingray

Thai internal security apparatus has reversed its position and now have issued a statement saying it was neutral on the issue of Taksin petition drive.

“The internal security job is in ensuring the security of Thailand and that is mainly against external threats against the internal stability of Thailand…..All Thais are subject of his majesty the King, but only with differences of opinion…..We can not get involved or take side in that difference of opinion because that will weaken Thailand internally….We will only ensure that peace and order to the Thai political system, in the event that the situation above police capabilities,” said the head of Thai internal security.

The head also said that the internal security have never been involved with informing the public at grassroots level to take any side, but have only told the people the reality of the situation of all implications of the Taksin petition drive and also of other people’s opinion on the matter.

“I want to stress that we see all Thais as Thais and not the enemy of the state or a threat to Thai national security,” said the head.

Earlier reports said the Thai internal security have taken a side against Taksin petition drive and causes a great deal of unrest throughout Taksin’s strongholds in Thailand’s, which are E-Sarn and the North.

Several foreign intelligent sources said that the Thai internal security apparatus is now in effect pouring cold water across Thailand in preparation for a period of heightened apprehension at the public level over the actual petitioning action and what is to follow.

“It is a smart move and adds significantly towards our confidence that Thailand will not deteriorate again into chaos. Now it is Taksin’s we will have to keep tabs on,” said Singapore’s intelligence, off record to a Singapore press.

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