Journalism: 2) Why Abhisit’s 6 month 1 Billion PR Ad Campaign Failed

Democracy, freedom and liberty are what is important to me

Democracy, freedom and liberty are what I love most

By Terry/Tavivoot

Thai Rath just reported that Abhisit had spend about 1 billion baht in the past 6 month on advertisement of himself. But polls sees his popularity falling like a rock in the past 6 month. So why is that?

I agree with Thai Rath that if the government actually have achieved anything, it doesn’t need to spent the 1 billion baht in the past 6 month on promotion-because right now there is nothing to promote but hot air.

  • Abhisit Falls

In fact, even with that 1 billion baht 6 month advertisement campaign, Abhisit’s popularity fell from about 60% to 30% and Taksin who had to fight a very hostile Thai press and many of his key Thai media shut-down, actually saw his rating up from 15% to about the same with Abhisit at 30%.

Obviously, those who put the advertisement together for Abhisit are the best in Thailand and know what they are doing. But what went wrong?

  • Bad Product and Bad Packaging

The main problem for Abhisit is that his product just isn’t what the Thai people want anymore. Abhisit is all about being anti-democracy, anti-freedom, anti-social justice and extreme pro-palace.

This product of his is also tainted with bad packaging, being loads and loads of corruption and nasty people in his cabinet.

The market for Abhits product and package is just not there anymore.

  • What the Thai Wants

All you have to do is walk along any street in Bangkok or provincial towns-and even down to the village level to see with the Thais are buying. I am sad to report that the Thai people are now into modern products with modern packaging.

The products the Thais are buying are democracy, freedom and prosperity. Things like dictatorship, totalitarianism, social-injustice, sufficiency, anti-freedom and even the palace-does not mean much to the average Thai anymore.

  • Thai Wised Up

Reuters just ran a story and say that the grassroots and the poor can probably be swayed to be against Taksin if they receive enough financial attention from Abhisit.

I agree to that to a certain point only, because in the past two elections in E-Sarn-against al the money and power of Abhisit-all Taksin did was to call up people. And then Taksin won several landslide victories.

That indicates to me that the grassroots have wised-up. They want permanent populus policies and a fair share of Thailand’s resources. They are no-longer interested in a short fix from someone that just want to buy them off.

Can Abhist of Bangkok deliver that product to E-Sarn and the North. No-way, Abhisit will have to spend on Bangkok and the middle class. And can he deliver democracy, freedom and social justice? Again no-way.

  • Palace Interest vs People’s Interest

Abhisit can only deliver the palace and the price Thais have to pay for it is living with anti-democracy, anti-freedom, anti-social justice and Bangkok centric spending. All of that packaged in a very ugly wrapper of corruption and real nasty people.

The average Thai is much better educated, their learning curve of Thai politics is way up, their access to critical media is way up, their access to modern life culture is way up-all in all it spells individualism and self interest.

You can’t expect a typical Thai to trade their self interest away for the interest of the palace. And Abhisit should understand this deeply, because many now see Abhisit and the right wing as only using the palace for their self-interest.

  • My Advice

Cut a deal, reach a compromise and save as much of the palace as possible-because the un-stoppable mega-trend in Thailand is modernity.

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