Journalism: 1) Abhsit’s 6 Month 1 Billion Baht PR Advertising Government Campaign verges on “Insanity”

We find little reson behind Thais reasoning

We find little reason behind Thai reasoning

By Pooky and Franky

Thai Rath, the mass circulated neutral newspaper, just quoted AC Nelson Rating, as saying that Abhisit has spent about 1 billion baht in the past 6 month on advertisement to promote himself and his agenda.

According to Thai Rath, that spending currently makes advertisement spending on Abhsit, the third largest advertisement budget in Thailand for the year, at this point. Abhisit only follows P&G and Uniliver, the two leading consumer products companies, in advertisement outlays.

“Abhisit is blaming his public relations for failing to communicate with the public that has resulted in a fall in his popularity that accumulated in poor performance numbers……But we want to advise Abhisit that no matter how much money he spend, it is still actual performance that counts. And if Abhisit can do that, he does not have to spend anything at all on advertisement,” said Thai Rath leading analysis/opinion piece.

lates pol sees Taksin up is popularity while Abhisit fell-and both now stands at about the same at 30% approval. Taksin leads in professional manager and performance, and Abhisit leads in not-being corrupt.

“It is realy a shame that Taksin is a top performer but weak on corruption. And Abhisit is weak on performance, but strong in being clean. When will Thailand get someone who is capable and clean,” said Thai Rath main editorial.

But to others, Abhisit spending to advertise himself verges on insanity.

“That 1 billion is all about Abhisit, but think it through that there are about 20 other ministries and about 50 politicians heading those ministries. Then you have the military and independent agencies. All in all, I will not be surprise that for the past 6 month, the total comes to 20-30 billion baht in tax payers money going into advertisement. That spending could do a great deal of good for the people and to spend like that in this economy is insane,” said a politician at For Thai Party.

Abhisit is bringing in, Apirak, the former governor of Bangkok who was booted out of office for corruption, to be his head public relations efforts. Apirak and Abhisit are considered by Thais as the “Hansom Duo” and the duo proved very popular where ever they went, with women adoring them. Both are normally treated as movie stars when they make their appearance together.

  • A Thai poll recently found that Abhisit strongest support comes from Thai women demographic. Thai Rath today joked that looks like Abhisit will turn on the charm with women now to try to stay in power and regain his popularity. But one fashion magazine said Abhsit is fast losing his charm because he is getting very fat and his face is swelling.

One Thai comedian recently joked on a TV comedy show that all Abhsit has to do to regain his popularity was to loose some weight and put on some muscles. “His rating will hit the roof with women and gays if he loose weight, build some muscles and wear tight T-Shirt,” said Keng, one of the comedian.

If you think the 1 billion spending is insane, the following are some other news that indicates “Insanity Reign” in Thailand.

Thai prime minister, Abhisit said, as the head of ASEAN, Burma should release Aung San and that Thailand will keep good relations between Burma and Thailand going.

  • Comment: So on action, it means nothing and just smart wording from Abhisit as usual.

Thai prime minister Abhisit said the on the next ASEAN economics minister meeting in Thailand, he will speed up ASEAN trade and investments integration

  • Comment: Taksin got hammered big times from the Thai business community and politicians for the China Thai FTA, but now all those extreme Gung-Ho protect Thailand critic of Taksin says nothing about this ASEAN wide FTA. It just goes to show that it was all politics.

Thai close ally, China, says the world should respect Buma’s legal system and respect its sovereignty

  • Comment: One can see why Thailand has become very close to China these days and why its official news agency Xinhua, is so pro-Abhisit. Also this just so very much spot-light the same type of things in Thailand.

Thai government’s anti-Taksin petition drive to hit 10 million with the government going to factories owners

  • Comment: Now that the government has linked workers job security to the palace, many factories workers probably are real sickened at it all, enlightened and pro-Red. Apart from bad enough to link the palace that way, Abhisit has just set up a 10 billion baht fund for factories to borrow at low rates to up-grade their production. It is getting real nasty and dirty in Thailand everywhere Abhisit touches.

Thai central bank says increase credit card usage of 4% is a sign of recovered consumer confidence

  • Comment: Only months ago the Thai central bank said credi card usage was adding too much debt to Thai households, and that the spending was associated with lots of risk. Then again it might be because people don’t have cash.

Thai central bank says the Thai economy is recovering very strongly

  • Well the US fed just said the US economy has stabilized and it can not tell at this point what the recovery will look like. But then Thailand has decoupled from the world and is living in a dream world.

Thai finance minister, Korn, says Thailand will continues to inject money into the system, even as China and US are easing off doing that.

  • Comment: Money and corruption is the only thing keeping this government together.

Thai prime minister, Abhisit said Korbsak, who oversees the grassroots spending that is now infected with corruption, was criticized earlier as being slow in approving the spending because he was careful so there will be no improprieties-and therefore should not be blame for the corruptions.

  • Comment: On the other hand, being slow may be all about giving the crooks enough time to organize the improprieties.

Thai military top brass gathered to show support to Defense Minister who is the brother of police chief being chastised by Abhisit

  • Comment: Proves again how the military is involved in Thai politics to the maximum.

Thai prime minister, Abhisit looking to revamp his public relations team

  • Comment: Good public relations is all about listening to the customer and delivering what they want. Obviously, Abhisit is only the prime minister of people who buys into him, and not interested reaching those who opposes him.

Thai senators said if the economy has recovered and will rebound strongly as Abhisit said, why the need to borrow more to stimulate the economy

  • Comment: Because Abhisit is either lying or wants money to spend for political goals.

Thai former coup installed prime minister, Anand, says the Taksin petition must be stopped, because it involves the palace

  • Comment: Every year, relatives of those killed and disappeared by the coup leaders that installed Anand, still goes to that coup leaders house to ask for accountability-because that coup leader escaped all prosecutions. But Anand seem to care more about Taksin getting away with helping his wife bid for some land belonging to the state.

Thai Consumers advocate says True cable TV is running lots of commercials now and that is against the rule on cable TV operation

  • Comment: The government is cracking down on community TV and Radio for running ads because that was against regulations. But perhaps there has been a deal on True case-because True has been continuously running advertisements for people to be against the Taksin petition, and its TNN news is just part of Abhisit’s public relations efforts.

Thai extreme right, Sondhi Lim and the Yellow Shirt said Taksin and Suthep, a key democrat MP who engineered Abhisit rise, are alies

  • Comment: In Sondhi’s brain, anyone that is against him, are allies-because Sondhi believes he is the center of the universe and veverything is about him

Thai truckers say the 40 billion baht petro subsidy will not stop them from asking for price increase and businesses say they will not reduce good’s prices

  • Comment: Where on earth is that Thai energy guy who now sits at the head of Thai Airways who used to be so vocal about any type of petro subsidy as twisting market forces and encourages wateful consuption? But then guess who elevated him to the head Thai Airways?

Thai epidemic death edges close to 100, but the government says death rate it has slowed

  • Comment: Guess who said when the epidemic started in Mexico that Thailand has nothing to worry about. So now only close to 100 Thais have died and things are improving.

Thai chamber of commerce said reducing Thai tax from ASEAN to “Zero” is beneficial to Thailand, even though most Thais still don’t know about it and those who knowes are worried about increase competition in Thailand and not about exploring opportunities in ASEAN

  • Comment: Well actually the guy also said some ASEAN members that are not ready will be allowed to delay tax reduction-but that is not Thailand’s intention to do

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