Justice: Anti Corruption Body say Abhsit Have “Now Returned” Expensive Gift “So No Wrong Done”

You must realy think I am stupid to being saying that

You must really think I am stupid to being saying that

By James-this blog’s webmaster

The Thai anti corruption body told reporters off record that they will stop investigating Abhisit accepting a pair of elephant tusks worth about 400,000 baht, even if that is much more than what politicians were allowed by election laws to accept as gifts.

  • “Abhisit returned the tusks and so all is OK now with no damaged done. And besides, Abhisit took the tusk as a sign of friendship that politicians can not rightfully refuse,” said the anti corruption body source, quoted in Daily News-a mass circulated daily that is pro-Abhisit and is anti-Taksin.

The news of Abhisit accepting the tusk was bought about by the Taksin people-with pictures showing Abhisit accepting the tusk with a great big smile. Taksin people subsequently took the pictures to the anti-corruption body for them to investigate the case.

  • Apparently, Abhisit has now returned the tusk.

Samak, a former Thai prime minister that is in the Taksin camp was booted out of office by the anti-corruption body who found Samak to have accepted transportation money amounting to about 30,000 baht as he went to volunteer work for a cooking TV program.

Over more, a key anti-Takain high judge, who went after Samak and Taksin with gusto on breaking election rules-also went to work at a private university as a lecturer. Many pointed out that senior civil servants can not moon light work if it involves financial returns.

  • The corruption body dismissed the high judge extra work case and now appears to be ready to do the same for Abhisit.

A recent poll of the Thai judiciary system, says most Thais do not believe the Thai judiciary system is fair or just-with many saying they believed the courts are against Taksin.

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