Thai Culture: From Ugly Americans to Ugly Thais

Time for Thailand to get a plastic surgery

Plastic surgery will not help because beauty is on the inside

By James-this blog’s webmaster

The Ugly Americans:

In the movie Ugly Americans, the Americans are depicted as just plainly serving their self-interest with no moral value what-so-ever. So the main character played by Marlon Brando, was in a country very much Thailand-like and went about using all sort of tricks to manipulate the people of that country.

It is really kind of funny, that the main local character in that movie, was played by Kukrit. The Kukri character in the Ugly Americans, was a man of good moral character fighting against the ugly imperialist Americans-in a nice and polite Asian way.

But in real life Kukrit, a Thai politician, was the guy who propagated the concept that anything goes in Thai politics, as long as it is the good people doing it.

  • I mean according to Kukrit-a coup was OK, hypocrisy is OK, corruption is OK, or being anti-freedom and democracy is OK. All is OK as long as it is good people doing it.

And Kukrits’s concept-is in fact the basis for getting rid of Taksin, installing a coup and subsequent drawing of the Thai current constitution that is anti-democracy.

  • All because Taksin was a bad person, and according to Kukrit, anything was OK as long as it was good people doing it.

The Good Thai Folks:

So how are the powers at be like Abhsit are like these days-far as being good is concerned?

Well apart from Thailand just being ranked as the second worse corrupted country in Asia, looks like Kukrit’s good people are turning into a bunch of hypocrite. People who have dealt with the Thais for a long time says the biggest problem about Thailand, is that the Thais have a “Very short memory and attention span.”

  • Currently, in Thailand, the big thing is the Taksin pardon petition drive.

So because if Taksin is pardoned by the palace, it means a great deal of competition to the current powers at be, because Taksin is still so popular. And so the powers at be, are trying hard to scuttle the petition.

  • The main way they are doing that, is to say the pardon attempt is illegal and will bother the palace.

Well, many foreigners who have been following the Thai political development for the past ten years-nearly all of them are laughing at the current powers at be in Thailand in a big way-and saying:

  • “Hey man, you may think the Thais are kind of stupid to be buying your crap, but I am not a Thai so please at least respect my average IQ and EQ numbers.”

The Good Thai Hypocritical Folks:

And that is because to most foreigners can still remember a military coup leader guy like Big Su-who wrote an escape route for himself for the crime of staging the coup, by passing a law to pardon himself. Even the palace gave him a pardon.  The same thing happened to another coup leader Sondhi-who also wrote a law pardoning himself from the crime of staging a coup.

  • If you are real interested in the level of hypocrisy by the people who are against Taksin’s petition, read blogers Bangkok Pundit and Thailand Jumped the Shark-for a real details about how close to 100 politicians and military people have been pardoned by the palace and that in fact it is legal.

Then the Yellow Shirt, who are now howling about Taksin bothering the palace and that going to the palace is against the law-well only a few years ago they went to the palace themselves-in the middle of the night and openly read a petition for the palace to appoint a prime minister in place of Taksin.

Even Abhisit, the current power central in Thailand, who is now so much against bothering the palace-back then openly called for the palace to get rid of Taksin.

  • Like can you believe it, in the middle of the night, with thousands of people, Yellow Shirt were blasting away with loud speakers in front of the palace-reading the petition.

Then you have a bunch of idiotic Thai academic and leading thinkers, like Bavornsak. These type of folks now say pardoning is wrong because of this and that. This crazy Bavornsak himself, now so gung-ho against petitioning the palace, a few years back, called on the palace to get rid of another prime minister.

But only a few years ago, they themselves were knee deep in a series of “God Gave Great Power to the Palace.” Even some so well respected Thai like Bavornsak, went writing best sellers books about the palace’s great power to do anything. But now when Taksin wants to do the same thing, these so good people and “all power to the palace” atitude are now so against it.

  • The list of this type of hypocrisy goes on and on and on and on and on………

Ugly Americans Turns into Ugly Thais:

And really, listening to the powers at be go on like that, and seeing the reaction of so many Thais-you just got to wonder if the Thais have a short memory and attention span or is really all about something else?

  • And this is being kind to the Thais to say that they have a short attention and memory span.

Because really, if that isn’t the case that they have lousy memory and the Thais know exactly what they are doing-meaning they know that yesterday it were they, themselves, who were going to the palace and yet today they can be totally against other people doing the same-all with a straight face using all sort of twisted reasoning-that is really an indication to any neutral observers that many Thais are:

  • Just plainly without any decency or moral value what so ever-who are ready to invoke anything and do anything for their interest

So that is the choice in Thailand for you-either you think they just have a short memory span or they are just plainly people with “”Ugly” characters.

Thailand Used to be Beautiful:

Thailand was beautiful once because the palace was truly above politics and only got involved when political crisis leads to violence. But today, you even have the Thai privy council folks and the right wing government saying in sum that the palace approves of their anti-Taksin stance.

And the palace had to come out and say, “That is Not Our Position.” Like again and again-first with the Economist then with the Christian Science Monitor-the palace just had to keep denying they were behind the government’s crack-down on things from free speech to Taksin.

  • So who is really doing the “Involve the Palace” thing?

But the Thai government of Abhisit central, just goes about the same-hacking away at Taksin.

Now it is a country-wide drive to sign up people who are against the Taksin petition. So they themselves can take that petition to the palace and say, “Dear palace, here is a petition against the other petition, because we are protecting the palace against politics.”

  • Thailand was beautiful because once, when it was the land of freedom where people moved towards a pure and clean democracy.

Wipe the Slate Clean?

So what to do now?

Well it seems logical for the Thais to get back to the beautiful old days and leave the palace out of it and again move towards an open and pure democracy with lots of freedom-like lets wipe the slate clean and start again from ground zero in building a new bright and beautiful future.

So like why not the government just give Taksin a pardon?

But just look at the powers at be in Thailand today, especially the power center of Abhisit-they are still hell bent on destroying Taksin who has support and love from about half of the Thais. These good people shows no sign at all about appeasement or allowing Taksin back to compete with them to represents the Thais.

  • And so to good people like Abhsit, democracy and freedom, peace and prosperity, fairness and justice-all comes after getting rid of Taksin.
  • So according to many Thais like Abhisit, democracy and freedom are just “Too Ugly for Thailand” because Thailand is special and unique full of good people that can do no wrong.

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