Thai Culture: Will Lucky Face-Abhsit Keep Getting Lucky?

Is it sun set or sun rise for Abhsit?

Is it sunset or sunrise for Abhsit?

By Tweety

The Hype Arrives:

On Thursday, Abhsit will be holding a major press conference to announce the government’s 6 month performance summary. The latest news is that Abhsit will not only be talking about the past 6 month-but will focus on laying out his vision for the future.

Newspapers are already building up the event.

The all hype pro-Abhsit Nation Group controlled media-in several newspapers, radios, TV and internet-is on an all out campaign. It quoted Kosit, the main man from Bangkok Bank as saying: “Just not to make things worse off is good enough.” Then it quoted others, in sum, as saying: “Abhsit has good intention and that is good enough.”

Abhsit, himself, gave a sneak preview during his Sunday meet the press program. He said Japanese businessmen are confident in Thailand, that Thai businessmen confidence were up and that the Thai stock market is doing great. All of that, he said, are changes with “Noticeable Importance.”

Poll Gives Mixed Signals:

Already the polls says Thais gave him high marks for efforts of 7.4 out of 10, but in the ovrall actual Abhsit performance, Thais gave him 6.4. Overall the government also got 6.4.

Other polls conducted just a month ago, gave the Abhsit goverenment key people all below 5 out of 10-meaning total failure. But that was a month ago and it appears things have gotten better.

Future Rosy or Thorny?

As for the future, while Abhsit will certainly lay out a  rosy picture-some Abhisit insiders now say the hardening Thai currency, Baht, and higher oil price-will be a great challenge in the future.

Other economist have warned that global recovery will likely be slow, painful and un-even, and so giving little room for Abhsit to make mistakes.

The 15 years free education and the policy towards the elderly got the hightes ratings-as policies the Thais liked. The worse performance was given to the government’s economic management-and in fact the points on this was below 5-meaning the government failed to pass.

Neutral Thai Rath Says:

In Thai Rath, th neutral mass circulated newspaper, editorial, it said perhaps it is time for the government to change its economic team. “We think it is important that Abhsit use people with proved abilities and best knowledge, to look after the economy,” said the editorial.

“We know the government is facing a lot-such as the epidemic, devisions in the Thai society, and global economic condition. But the government must focus on ecomomics,” said the paper’s main editorial.

In other columns at the paper, it goes from a “Potential of a Quiet Coup” with Somkid Jatusripitak, who is the economic top man of Taksin, to be the prime minister-to others who literally took to pieces the Abhsit government 6 month performance.

“The government is not scratching the right place. There isn’t a single thing that the government did that is solid. The grassroots spending is full of corruption. he skill re-training might not be worth the money spent. The checks for everyone, didn’t appear to stimulate much. The Thais are as divisive as ever, even it is a major policy objective to mend the division. Then the rest is on paper or old policies that were passed along from other governments,” said Thais Rath’s most popular op-end.

Then in another major article by the paper’s most popular writer-it said the Abhisit is lucky that things looks much better now globally. The writer said Thailand’s tax receipt has cut its fall by 30%, and since the steep GDP drop in the first quarter is less contraction in the second quarter-it proves Thailand is recovering. Then Thais banks have so much excess liquidity, the government can borrow all it wants-right here in the country.

“But keeping corrupt officials in the government will really hurt the government and its grassroots programs are in shambles. If the Abhsit government fail now, there will be no more excuse,” said the writer.

Stock Brokers Focus:

Yet other are cautioning Abhsit-as many Thai stock brokers are warning their investors about China’s break on lending for fear of them going sour, on the fact that Japanese businessmen are still very skeptical about Thailand and have delayed their Thai investments, and that there appears to be a savings drive going on now at a time consumers confidence and spending are important.

“Tourism, property development, investments, consumption, are still all down and will drag the economy,” said a broker. “Thailand is red hot, and we are advising a move into the Thai stock market-but on condition that investors be ready to sell-out in a moment’s notice,” said a New York stock analyst.

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