Justice: Abhsit’s En-riches A Few Lucky Friends

Wish I had more friends to buy me security

Wish I had more rich friends and not just a blanket

By Pooky-this blog’s economics reporter who now returns

Entertainers en-riched

It is a time of careful spending even for Thailand’s wealthy entertainers as advertisement falls and work comes not easy.

But about 30 Movie stars, singers, comedians and even models are now very happy however. Thanks to Abhsit, a great many of them have been contracted for long term work, appearing in concerts throughout Thailand-to protect Thailand’s institution as it is called.

And guess who gets the bill for that? Well tax payers off course.

Cable TV en-riched

It is also a hard time for big cable TV like True, because people are cutting back the type of channel packages they have subscribed to-to the bare minimum.

But True is happy however at the moment-because community cable TV are being taken off air so there is less competition, and the TaksinTV with its threat of drawing advertisers away-has meant the Abhsit government is relaxing rules on advertisement on cable. And since True’s TNN news is so nice to Abhsit, today, what used to be hidden commercials on True-is very exposed.

Who gets to flip the bill for all that commercials? Well the paying cable viewers off course in the form of having to swallow advertisements hidden as TV shows.

Police Boss en-riched

Then the clash between the police boss and Abhsit over the assassination thing, saw an agreement that the police boss now is taking a long vacation. The police boss is a happy camper now-because he is going to China on an official trip for about two weeks. And like any good Thai civil servant, when the boss goes abroad-a whole bunch of them tags along.

Well who gets to pay the bill for the police boss and his entourage’s trip to China? Again tax payers off course.

Taxis en-riched

Well the other day hundreds of taxis went protesting the petition drive-all organized by the government. Well great because some foreign reporter just went and took many pictures and it showed that gas and food coupons were handed out.

Well those thousands of taxi are happy now-for getting a free meal and free tank full of gas. And guess what, it is again tax payers money we are talking about.

Democrat Party en-riched

In the end, the latest figures on donation to political parties just came out-or it was a big party to raise money for political parties-or something like that. And the newspapers just reported that the Democrat Party just got so much money-it is literally loaded.

Like they say-if you can help your friend get rich-you will have a lot of friends. In this case, the friends of Abhsit are also making the Democrat Party real rich. So the bottom line is that in the last report to the election commission-the Democrat Party got twice as much money as its main competitor the For Thai Party got.

But then again what is wrong with profiting from politics-so entertainers, police boss and his entourage, taxis, cable TV getting en-riched?

Thousands Others also en-riched

All those mentioned above, they now joins the thousands of village headmen in Thailand who were ordered to meet every villagers in Thailand, and those thousands of temp-workers who were hired to collect anti-Taksin petition signatures, and all those security forces who worked over-time to video tape, take pictures and track petitions signers-all these folks now have some extra income to spare.

Well, Abhsit is probably saying all of that millions and millions is to stimulate the economy. Well tax and spend and spend it on politics like that-really some Thais must be asking why they keep paying taxes.

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