Thaksin Focus: Poll & How Popular is the Pardon Thaksin Petition Drive?

I am good at numbers but this one does not add up

I am good at numbers but this one does not add up

By Tammy-this blog’s profiler

I am a bit confused and so forgive me if I am wrong. But Thailand has about 65 million people and about 30 million is below 18. So that leaves about 35 million adults right?

Latest Petition Pupularity Poll:

Well a poll just said 70% of Thais are against the Taksin petition drive. And about 20% are for it.

So 70% of 35 million is about 23 million people. And 20% of 35 million people is about 6 million people.

First Weired Fact

Something has got to be wrong because the Reds say they have about 5.4 million support signature. And so that is close to 100% of the people the poll said supported the petition. Is that possible, for the petition drive to reach close to 100%?

Latest Abhsit vs Taksin Pupularity Poll:

Then the latest polls say 30% of adults Thais supported Taksin and 30% supported Abhsit.

And so of the 35 million adults-Abhsit and Taksin gets about 10 million of supporters each.

So it is seems odd-that of the 10 million who supports Taksin-only 6 million support the petition-as the poll says. Based on the 10 million figure, this means that only about 50-60% of those that supports Taksin-also supports the petition. This seems odd really or not?

Well I know people who supports Taksin may be against the petition-but to say that close to 100% of petition supporters-have signed it is odd. And to say only 50-60% of Taksin supporters supports the petition, is also odd. I mean what of the other 5 million who supports Taksin?

Second Weired Fact:

I live near Nana on Sukhumvit, and I walk around a lot in the area-and I have never seen a petition drive around Sukhumvit at all. And believe it or not, there is a Red Club of Sukhumvit-and still no drive at all.

You can say there are loads of rich folks around Sukhumvit, who are against Taksin-but there are also loads of less wealthy people servicing those rich folks.

And I look at myself-I like Taksin and see nothing wrong with the petition. From the disclosed information-to petition is also a paper cumbersom thing-and can’t be done quickly through the internet.

That means face to face meeting with the petition drivers-like at tables set up to do it.  But I am certainly not going to brave traffic to the Royal Ground of Sanam Luang on Friday late afternoon to sign the Taksin petition there. And there is no petition drive around my home at all.

What I am saying is that there must be loads of people who supports Taksin and the petition-but simply don’t want to be bother with it.

But the damn poll says close to 100% of petition supporters have signed it.

Maybe I am Off  The Rails:

I don’t know, but the whole thing just looks real fishy to me. Certainly some one must be lying or got it wrong big times.

But then perhaps I am confused about it all-and is the one who is getting it wrong big times.

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