Democracy: The Red, The Green, The Yellow & the Battle for Thailand

Is Thailand back to Red and Yellow again?

Is Thailand back to Red and Yellow again?

Note: This blog would like to say thank you to Bangkok Post and Thai Rath for the informational base for this article

by Tweety

Well, the Reds is dead serious about bringing Taksin back.

Well, the Yellow is dead serious about who tried to kill Sondhi.

Well, the Green is dead serious about their power.

Well, Abhisit is dead serious about staying on as the prime minister.

With so many key Thai “Power Centers” as Terry/Tavivoot calls it-that are dead serious and also getting that really dead serious at about the same time, who will win this great big battle for Thailand?

Well, it is tradition in the Thai army-for aspiring soldiers to always think of being the big boss.

Well, it is tradition in the Democrat Party-for aspiring politicians to think about being the prime minister.

Well, that really only leaves the Yellow and the Red as units with strong unity and focus.

Knowing what a master of politics Abhsit is-in that he can spot weaknesses-from a mile away-all of this are just tools for Abhsit to play Machiavelli.

Like Machiavelli says, the boss stays in power by keeping  people weak-by getting them to fight among themselves.

So the bottom line to all of this-is that it will be heading back to the streets-between the Red and Yellow.

In the mean time, Abhisit gets to solidify his position and by time crossing his fingers-that he will get lucky.

All Abhsit needs is the environment to change for the better-as the Red and Yellow kills themselves off on the street and cause a total disgust.

Because what really counts for Abhsit now is the public perception at large. And that is the perceptions from Thais that is not either Red or Yellow.

Well, it is also tradition for aspiring countries like Cambodia-to see that all this in-fighting among Thais means weakness-and so it goes and do the “Total Oil” thing.

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