Politics: Thailand’s “Noisy” Crisis & “Silent” Crisis

We do not understand what the Thai government is saying

We do not understand what the Thai government is saying and doing!

By Tweety

Just an hour ago, I was at Pratu Nam, a shopping area in the center of Bangkok. There were zillions of people all over the place. On several corners, there were people handing out some stickers-and they have massive bags of those stickers with them. And as I went shopping for Ed Hardy T-Shirts, with the zillions of people all over-there were all in all about 5 people who wore mask-to wade off the epidemic.

They say you can tell a lot about a governments-by just looking at what they are saying.

In Thailand-today-the government is saying they will put up massively big billboard across Bangkok, will distribute millions of stickers, and get the head villagers of every village in Thailand to talk talk to the villagers. “No” all that isn’t about spreading the word about how dangerous the epidemic is-but all that will be a message against Taksin’s petition drive.

In Thailand-today also-the government said it will no longer give any information about the epidemic impact in Thailand-weekly, daily, monthly or anything. “Yes” the silence treatment is so that Thais will not panic.

Well all of that seem odd really-to anyone not really familiar with Thailand.

But in Thailand, it is tradition for the King to listen to his people when they are troubled-and about 3 million Thais have signed the Taksin petition and that is a big chunk of troubled Thais. So why on earth is the government going all out against the petition drive?

Simply-they are afraid Takin will come back and compete with them for power.

But in Thailand, it is also tradition for the government to hide its mistake and failures-above all else-and so the silence treatment on the epidemic, is to hide the fact that they have failed.

Simply-Thailand today is ranked as the top 5 infected and death count from the epidemic-and this is in a country with a population about a quarter of like the US. I mean if per population-Thailand will be the worse off on the global scale at this moment.

“Yes” it is a shame, the Thai government have got it all wrong.

The Thai government should just say, “Go ahead, you 3 million Thais are troubled so maybe the King can help.” Just like when the current government of Abhsit went to the King and asked him to replace Taksin-because they were troubled.

The Thai government should also say “Go ahead create a panic on the epidemic, because Thais will be more careful and take better care against the epidemic.”

And that is my snapshot of Thailand today. Please make your own call what the bottom line is and what all the above means.

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