Thaisin Focus: Thaksin TV Venture “Program Channel” Line-Up is “As Good As It Gets”

I still don't think the government will let it happen

I still don't think the Thai government will let it happen, but good luck

By Tammy

It looks like Murdoch, head of Star TV, will be meeting his match, and looks like Abhsit, head of Thailand’s right wing government, will be eating the dust.

That is because the latest inside information, as confirmed by Thaienews, is that Mingkwan and Thongsak-Thailand’s best TV minds will be joining Taksin TV. They plan to replace Star TV of Murdoch, and all the Abhsit controlled media-as being the big exploding Nova of the TV universe.

Mingkwan, took the out-moded Thai TV channel 9 to soring heights, while he was there-turning it into a knowledge based channel. And Thongsak, took ITV into the hearts and minds of advertisers and made it one of Thailand’s most profitable TV franchise.

In the mean time-Star TV of Murdoch is reporting a severe drop in profit, and Abhsit controlled TV is seeing its ratings fall to rock bottom.

But the other inside story-as many Thai media executives are saying-is that there will be a “Major” knock-on effect-that everyone will be joining Taksin’s TV.

“My bottom line is my business and I am sick of having to play dead in Thailand for politicians who controls the Thai media. I am going to break out of it and join Taksin in going Asia,” said Pran-a media planner for a major Thai studio that is listed in the Thai stock market.

But as one Thai government official just said today, “You can count on us not to let Taksin TV happen.” And right on the eve of the Taksin TV announcement-the Thai government just announced that it had blocked close to 20,000 internet sites-with many being pro-Taksin sites.

And from community radio stations to community cable TV-one by one-anyone that is pro-Taksin is being taken off air.

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