ASEAN Defense: UN Investigating Secret CIA Prisons expected to implicate Thailand

UN to investigate secret CIA prison-and could lead to Thailand
UN investigating secret CIA prison-and could lead to Thailand


for the article from Washington Post

We would also like to say thank you to the “Thailand Political Prisoner” blog for corrections to the data we used in this article

By Terry/Tavivoot

The United Nations (UN) Human Rights Commission is dead serious about investigating secret CIA prisons and the torture that took place in these prisons-and this may lead to Thailand.

The news of secret CIA prison, being located in Thailand, and used torture sparked a controversy in Thailand with the Thai government pointing to plot by the Washington Post to destroy Thailand’s image by bring up the issue during the recent ASEAN meet in Thailand.

Thailand’s prime minister, Abhisit, categorically denied such prison existed in Thailand.  And Thailand’s top military commander, said he guaranteed 1,000% no such prison existed in Thailand.

Outside of New York UN head quarter, the UN envoy in Thailand is the largest that covers the Asia Pacific Region. A Thai, Supachai,  is currently the head of UNCTAD-the development arm of the UN. Supachai political roots is with the Abhisit’s lead Democrat Part, and is tipped often by the Democrat party as a candidate for Thailand’s premiership.

The Asian Human Rights Commission, has recently criticized the Thai government of widespread use of torture in the country’s judiciary system-mainly by the Thai police.

The Abhisit government is being criticized for gross violation of human rights by all leading human rights groups. The criticism are associated with lese majeste laws and an anti-free press position. The entire board of the Foreign Correspondence Club of Thailand, for example, has been charged with breaking lese majeste law violations.

Many Thais and foreigners were imprisoned to Thai jail for lese majeste law violation.  Over more, 60% of Thais polled recently said they did not believe the Thai courts were just and fair. Many suspect the courts to be pro-Abhisit and the current government. A man who recently blocked a road in a government protest move have been sentenced to 6 months in jail, for example.

Abhisit himself was the first to sign-up to for a public-task force that urges Thai citizens to inform the police of people who violates lese majeste laws.

The Thai police is a unit that co-ordinates its activity with the Thai judiciary system, but is under the direct supervision and control of the Thai prime minister.

Several high profile case of mis-treatment of separates in Thailand’s deep south also highlighted gross violation of human rights. In one incident, those in the deep south who protested the Thai government, were piled into trucks and as a result close to a hundred died from suffocation.

In a current high profile case on the assassination attempt of a leader of a group of Royalist, that the Thai military is being implicated, the Thai prime minister is having to oversee the case personally-as conflict in the Thai police bought the case to a stand-still. The top Thai police is a relation to senior Thai military commander.

The Obama administration is rejecting UN’s request for information-however the UN is working on a “Comprehensive Report” on the subject of CIA secrets prison and the torture practices at these facilities.

The Washington Post article on secret prison in Thailand, came from CIA’s testimony to the US Congress intelligent oversight committee.

News of close relationship between the CIA and Thai military surfaced during the Taksin administration. Those senior military commanders with close CIA links under Taksin later staged a coup against Taksin and remain a powerful force in Thai politics today.

Several people who are said to have been keys in planning to outs Taksin from power and Thailand are CIA trained-such as Prasong who is called the CIA of Thailand.

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