Justice: Dirty Grassroots Project Sees Money Flowing to Democrat Party

I don't like dirty people.

I don't like dirty people even if they are good looking.

We would like to say thank you to Matichon and Thai Rath

By Terry/Tavivoot

Corruption at Grassroots?

  • Taksin started to make funds available to the grassroots and this was followed up by the Abhisit government. Under Taksin, it was to make money available to the grassroots at their village level and let them decide what the community needed and decide where to spend.
  • News has been leaking out recently, first started by a TV investigative report that went to interview villagers, about massive corruption of the grassroots money under the Abhisit government. Abhisit chairs the committee that looks after the money and Korbsak, who overlooks the economy for Abhisit, is responsible for implementing the grassroots fund.
  • Several key Thai media has been following the case-including both Thai Rath and Matichon.
  • The TV report showed that some officials were cooking up projects, such as the solar water system, and forcing villagers to accept the projects. The TV report showed that the solar water system, was sold to the villages at about 40% above market price.
  • Today Matichon, a Thai newspaper, reported that one of these companies that sold the solar water system to Bangkok’s poor community, had donated money to the Democrat Party.
  • As of this writing, the Democrat Party refused to talk about any of the above to journalist.
  • Abhisit earlier said there was no corruption at the government’s spending at the grassroots level.
  • Thai Rath, reported that there is a serious problem amung Abhisit, Korbsak and Korn, the finance minister-quoting Korbsak that he had it to the max working with Abhisit and Korn.
  • Today the Peuy Thai Party, the political arm of the red shirt, said they were compiling all the complaint throughout Thailand.
  • The Democrat Party received the highest amount of donated money this year-doubling the closest rival of the Peuy Thai Party.

Other Bad Management Under Abhisit?

  • Prices of many agricultural products have fallen-and while in the past the government responded by implementing price support scheme-this time many farmers are threatening to protest as government help is slow.
  • The government canned the auction of animal feed corn, citing poor bidding price. Now no one is interested in bidding for it and the corn has spoiled and can’t be sold.
  • The Thai Federation of Industry labor relation department said the government is too slow in implementing stimulus and financial assistance to exporters came very slowly.
  • The University of Thai Chambers of Commerce center of economic forecast criticized the government on its handling of the epidemic, saying the impact on the economy-if not improved-will be very significant-hurting GDP growth for the rest of the year significantly.
  • Inside information of Abhisit economic management, by Thai Rath, showed that Korn is focusing on medium to long-term stimulus projects and not on short-term stimulus. At the same time, Abhisit himself, has canceled appearing on many economic co-ordination meetings-and placing great emphasis on presiding on his public relations efforts by going to openings of events.
  • Latest Thai commercial bank performance record still show strong profit-as most in Thailand are suffering economically. This is mainly a result of very high interest rate spread of banks. No serious government efforts have been made to lower the spread.
  • The government is speeding-up state enterprise investments, under a plan to create about 1 million jobs in the next 3 years. However, state enterprise spending in Thailand have traditionally been highly infected with systemic corruption and resulting also in wasteful spending.

Where Abhisit is getting it right?

  • Today the Thai Central Bank, a highly politicized unit, announce a program to make lending available to the grassroots so that the grassroots will have an alternative to loan sharks.
  • Massive loan is heading to the Thai SME sector as Thai Rath reported that about 300,000 SMEs were on the verge of collapse.
  • Massive loan is also heading from state banks to manufacturers to up-grade their production stack and assist in export credit.

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