Thaksin Focus: Pardon Taksin Petition Drive Met with Thai government’s “Search and Destroy”

Video taping me without my OK is against the law

Video taping me without my OK is against the law

by Terry/Tavivoot

Taksin on a Return Road

Thai Rath, one of very few neutral Thai newspaper,  just ran several stories-one saying the Thai government is deeply scared that the Taksin lead opposition Puey Thai Party had won several elections in E-Sarn on a massive margin, and another one saying that Taksin, now exiled from Thailand, intends to bid for being the Thai prime minister again, after being kicked out of office by a military coup.

Blocking Taksin Return:

Standing in the way is the fact that Taksin is was found by the Thai judiciary system to have broken the rule against government official doing business with the government.

Even when the latest poll of the Thais showing that most Thais see the Thai judicial system as un-just and double standard and the guilty decision on that case on Taksin was a split 5 to 4 in favor of guilty by the judges-those who stands against Taksin, including the current government, says Takin must serve prison terms in Thailand.

To many Thais who supports Taksin, that means a pardon for Taksin. And in Thailand that means a pardoning attempt to Thailand’s highest ranking person.

And the pardoning signature of support drive has started-with Thaksin supporters saying they have a target of 5 million signatures. And the drive is so active and getting so many signatures.

Thai Government Response:

In response, the Thai government told its security apparatus to follow the drive. And that includes video taping and taking pictures of people signing the petition-and tracking and checking many of them of who they are, particularly those leaders who bring with them lots of petitioners.

If that is a direct threat, the government also now aims to crack-down on media that supports Taksin. Thai Rath, quoting government official, said that the government is going to “cut the link” that supports the drive.

Petition Drive Against the Law?

The question to ask is: “Where is the law that says people can not get together for a petition drive?

So here is clearly the government doing something illegal and against the Thai constitution guarantee of freedom of expression.

Right Wing Petition Record:

More so, when Taksin was the prime minister, the right wing also had a petiton drive that called on Thailand’s highest ranking person-to appoint a prime minister in-place of Taksin. What did the Democrat Party, that is the main party of the current government, do?

Believe it or not, Abhisit, the Democrat Party head and Thailand current prime minister, supported that drive.

And if you want to know how rediculous things has gotten in Thailand-the government and Abhisit says-they are against the drive because the petion will disturb this highest ranking person in Thailand.

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