Thai Culture: Bangkok Bridge Renovation and a Crazy Extreme Right Wing Nut

Must politics creep into everything?

Must politics creep into everything?

By Terry/Tavivoot

Last night I went to my daughter’s birthday party that started at about 6 pm.

But at about 8 pm many people still didn’t show up. And when they did everyone was complaining about traffic. All during the birthday party, people complained about how bad traffic was.

After the party, I hitch a ride with someone who is very close to the Democrat governor of Bangkok.

Well, on the way-all she did was to complain about the traffic.

And so I said, “Is it crazy that they were going to up-grade about 30 traffic cross-over bridges in Bangkok all about the same time.”

And she immediately said, “I am not going to talk about politics with you because you are a red-shirt.”

And immediately she stopped talking about how bad the traffic was.

I swear, the last thing on my mind was politics.

I told the crazy politicized ideot to just drop me off-but very politely off course.

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