Diplomacy: Hillary’s Thai Trip is A Mixed-Bag of In-Decisiveness

I feel lonely that America doesn't love democracy anymore

I feel lonely that America doesn't love democracy anymore

By Terry/Tavivoot

Yoon of the Nation Multi-Media Group loves America, and that is why every American leader loves Yoon. And so it comes as no surprise that Yoon got to interview Hillary, the US secretary of state.

But Yoon hates Thaksin, the former prime minister of Thailand who was kicked out of office by a coup, and that spells dangerous ground for Hillary-because Thaksin lead a very pro-democracy opposition against the current very repressive and anti-democracy Thai government.

So what did Hillary said in that long interview with Yoon?

Well she said Thailand has a “vibrant democracy,” but then also said America was against any form of government that focus everything to “a selected top few of society.”

Obviously, by now the message that Thailand is being run by an inner circle of people is well known and documented-and there is no Hillary not knowing it.

So in sum that was Hillary’s visit to Thailand-a mixed bag of messages. God knows if some crazy Thai journalist focus only on the “vibrant democracy” angle and spread it all across the front page of newspapers and it goes global-Hillary will be the laughing stock on the planet scale.

But Hillary is facing some hard times.

Obama and Hillary are facing very strong criticism in the US over the US foreign policy. And both are in the process of re-thinking their policy-or to be polite-it is called making adjustments to fit reality.

Like from hoping to engage with Iran and meet the country for talks-it is now nuclear containment and harsh words. On Mayanmar, from engagement, it is now Ong San Su Gee. On China it was hands-off, but now it is internet and currency war with China. The list goes on and on and on about these adjustments.

In the US, the democrats are grilling the CIA. But many are asking a simple basic question-what about terrorism? Many think tank in the US are saying abuses by the CIA is a necessary evil. Many point to the fact that after 9/11, the US territory was relatively safe from terrorist-as globally got hit badly.

The US civil liberty organization, ACLU, says not following proper constitutional procedures is not acceptable. Many Americans who loves democracy and freedom agrees-but the fact is that it only takes a single strike by terrorist, to change America’s view again.

There need to be a solution that fits-both like the ACLU and the CIA.

And the bombing in Indonesia, has already saw Hillary saying the US is still fighting terrorist. And at the ASEAN meet in Phuket, the focus is now on terrorism in the region.

What I am trying to say, is that the globe is still full of nasty people-who do nasty thing. Like Hillary says she will ignore North Korea nuclear ambition because North Korea is like a spoiled child looking for attention. The sad fact is that North Korea is not a child looking for attention-but it is dead serious about what it is doing.

So you gotta ask, where do these nasty people come from? The answer is they come from being oppressed, being treated badly, being hungry for power to get even-and things like that.

How to deal with such roots cause such as that?

Well look at Thailand, while you can say the reds are just looking to get Thaksin back-there is no getting away from the fact that many are angered of the oppression and in-justices in Thailand. To these Thais, open and pure democracy is the solution to their condition.

Unfortunately, Hillary didn’t even mention democracy in her US senate confirmation hearing.

In sum, to nasty people, engagement is a sigh of weakness. Like how much engagement will one do? Where is the end and what is the objective?

And to those that are oppressed, America’s non-interest in democracy-is the beginning of a new cycle of hatred towards America.

Hillary’s signal in Thailand is clear enough-while playing both sides-because the battle for democracy and freedom in Thailand is dominated by the governing oppressor, the oppressor benefits.

Like really, the poll of the people in the Middle East says America isn’t interested in promoting democracy and interfere in the internal affairs there.

What that really means, is that America is only interested in the business of oil and terrorism-both very America centric self interest.

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