Thai Culture: “A Carnival of Saliva” in Spin and Lying in Thailand

If you love me, don't lie to me

If you love me, don't lie to me

By Terry/Tavivoot

Matichon Weekly, part of a media empire that has been kind to the government, just summed up the Abisit government 6 month reign as nothing but a “Carnival of Saliva.”

That helps Thais focus better a great deal on the real problem of Thailand. But, literally, if not for a few blogger like Bangkok Pundit, Naganadeeleg, Thailand Jumped the Shark, and others-the truth probably will never be heard in Thailand-because most that is running in the Thai communication and information system-is nothing but spin and propaganda.

  • Like Naganadeeleg, posted a picture and eye witness report of the police who marched into the reds who were protesting Korn, Thailand’s finance minister, visit to Chiag Mai, and asked people to see for themselves what actually happened-because the government and much of Thailand’s very controlled press were saying the red protesters went on the offense against the police lines.
  • Like Bangkok Pundit, who posted a refute of the Nation newspaper editorial that said Abisit was a target of assassination attempts many times like in the Pattaya ASEAN meet fiasco, and simply asked where was the assassination attempt?
  • Like Thailand Jumped the Shark, that posted news from Washington that clearly said there is a secret CIA prison in Thailand and match it with the words of Anupong, Thailand’s military top brass as saying, “I guarantee 1000% there is no such prison.”
  • Like Thailand Crisis, that posted the fact that a key industrial park in Thailand, was seeing their industrial land sale fell like 70%-right on the heels of the government saying investments has recovered as the massive auto plant and IT circuit plant projects were announced-even any sane person can see that those projects had been in the pipe-lines for a long time.
  • Then there are Thai blogger, like Vatakan, who quoted a Thai television investigative report that showed massive corruption at the grassroots level, and linked the corruption to people who are directly responsible for those spending-and these are very senior people in Thailand-that today the government came out to deny any corruption is taking place.

The question to ask is, when will Thais start telling the truth?

  • Today, Abisit, the Thai prime minister, went on TV and said Thailand is an open country that respected human rights. Well I will let you decide if he is lying.
  • Today also, the Democrat Party spokesman said Thailand’s economic recovery depended on the reds not protesting. He mentioned nothing about things like the poor government management of the epidemic or the right wing agenda that is hurting Thailand’s image globally.
  • Today also, the former head of the Democrat Party, Chuan, said he never criticized the government’s handling of the epidemic-but only last week most newspapers were quoting him as telling the government to tel the truth.

If you actually followed all these lying in Thailand-it will lead to many things.

  • The list includes Kasit, the Thai foreign minister, saying he has no problem with the Cambodian prime minister-even when the government had to send other people to talk with the Cambodian leader, instead of Kasit. That truth finally was revealed that the Thai army was not happy that Kasit was taking Thailand into a war.
  • The list includes, Abist, who earlier said politicians must be accountable to high moral standard beyond the law, but he kept every politician that were below that standard he set, in place. The truth finally was reviled that Abisit place more importance on pleasing the right wing extremist-than to keep his words.
  • The list also includes such mundane things like staging a great big show in E-Sarn-to show that the people there supported Abisit. Well that is just another lie because only weeks earlier, the red shirt who opposes Abisit just won several elections in the region by massive margins.

Matichon Weekly, probably had it with all the lying and crap from the government-it finally ran a cover story that summed the Abist government performance in its first 6 month in office as: “A carnival of saliva.”

But the lying and the spin goes on and on and on and on…….

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