Journalism: When will Thailand’s “Nation Media Group” get over the Inferior to Thaksin Complex?

Should I stop telling the truth too?

Should I stop telling the truth too?

By Tery/Tavivoot

Judging about how many English language blogs are talking about Thanong, the Nation Multi-Media Group’s Nation newspaper key editor and commentator, it spells both “big times interest” and “good grief” because most of the writings now is about poor Thanong linking a new coup with astrology-that says Thailand’s luck is in a funk.

But then Thanong might be right-there may be another coup and the astrological signs supports that.

But to anyone who has been following these English blog long enough, it is clear that having Thanong and the Nation around is a good thing-because it provides a great source of humor and also re-enforces “Farang” superior complex over Thais.

But for me, who have went out to lunch with the Nation editor in chief and hit Patpong with Thanong many times, I just wonder really when Yoon will get over the “I hate Thaksin, inferiority complex.”

At the go-go bar on Patpong, my tong would be like falling out and having a general mood of rising expectation, but Thanong just sits there all composed and contemplating. When we left, he starts to talk about the poor state of the human condition in Thailand.

The at clubs, where actresses and models will hit, I will be handing out my Bangkok Post business card to people like mai Jareonpura, as a way to get in the sack with one of those girls, but Thanong just sits and look at his rediculous friend from the Bangkok Post, which is me, tyring to get laid.

Thanong is a great guy and one of my best friend when I moved in the main stream journalist circle in Thailand. I didn’t cared that back then it is the rule for Post and Nation journalist to hate each other. We competed head on-both being at the business desk-and never gave each other an inch, but hell it was a “friendly competitition” and we were friends who respected the other a great deal.

When Bangkok had the sky train BTS, I met up with Thanong for a ride on the BTS, and he was telling me how once Thais looked out at things from the boats in the canals, then it weant to the inside of cars and now from the BTS. He said that was going to have an impact on the Thais psychology.

He has a great sense of humor and is really humble. He saves up his hefty journalist salary at the Nation to buy a house-which is the first house he ever had and he is so very proud of it. He talks of all the plants at his house-like the banana trees and how his house is like a small garden

Thanong also has a very good background and worked as an aid for a Senator in the US congress. And he talks about those times with a lot of pride-carrying the picture of those days around. He likes America very much and sometimes dream of going to work there as a journalist.

So don’t ask why Thanong is Yoon’s favorate-apart for all those young, cute with ample things on the chest, journalist Yoon hires-because Yoon also loves America very much.

Those good things about Thanong aside-but really, this “We all hate Thaksin to the Maximum” complex needs to stop ASAP. The bottom line to journalist is to be fair and news outlets survives because it has credibility. From credibility comes impact. From impact comes all sort of goodies.

I mean how many times have the Nation Multi-Media Group literally “altered reality” already because of the “I hate everything Thaksin complex?” Like all those pictures for instance!

I live in a condo on Asoke road and in the building about 50-60% of the people are foreigners-who are the prime market for the competing Bangkok Post and the Nation. Believe it or not-in the morning they deliver the papers and they are laid out in a piles for the residence to pick up-and guess what, I swear 100% of it is the Bangkok Post and no Nation at all.

Only Krungthep Turakij from the Nation Multi-Media Group, is in those stacks. And Manager, another paper with a strong “I hate Thaksin angle” is right there along the side, and off course-to those that hate Thaksin, why on earth go for second best like Krungthep Turakij. I mean the real “Hate” paper is right there.

Now, the red shirt are having a field day, making fun of the fact that everything from the Nation Multi-Media Group, is being return un-sold in massive numbers from E-Sarn and the North-strongholds of the Reds.

Nation itself, a stock market listed firm, is still loosing money and keeps loosing money.

The bottom line , I mean hell, if I was after a lucrative TV concession and Thaksin stepped in and took it away, maybe I will hate Thaksin also. But that was long ago now-and it is time for Yoon to move on already. Besides, chek out the ratings of those TV news that trash Thaksin and the reds lately?

Like even Abisit own meet the press TV show thing is getting rock-bottom rating.

“Yes” doing propaganda for Abisit with the TV thing is lucrative. And it helps Yoon to sleep better at night having a full days of trashing everything Thaksin. But then again everyday that passes-and people like Thanong and Yoon leaping beyond the edge or reality and good reporting-everyday that passes the Nation Multi-Media Group is looking more like a bunch of comedians than anything else.

The other day, while the Nation print ran a story on the ASEAN human rights discussions thing, the internet version extended the story and showed what a hypocracy it is of Abisit to be talking about human right.

That is the way to go Thanong and Yoon, if you are listening to this old friend.

Like it or not, people here in Thailand can see the truth of what is going on and they can be fooled at times, but they eventually wise up. This conflict in Thailand has wised up a great many people in Thailand.

The guys there on Yoon’s side better wise up, otherwise the popular website, “Not-Nation” that makes fun at Thai news, is going to get much much more popular.

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