ASEAN: ASEAN Summit Sandwich Between Thai Realities

Can I have a sandwich too?

Can I have a sandwich too?

By Terry/Tavivoot

The right wing Democrat Party head government of Abisit is pinning a great deal of hope on using the ASEAN foreign minister summit in Phuket to boost their standing in Thailand-as the Kasit, Thailand’s foreign minister that is being investigated with terrorism, and the government poor handling of the epidemic-drags its popularity down.

It looked for a moment that Abisit and his right wing support will get away with that. But boy can things change overnight.

A major high level public forum on “Thailand’s Global Image” is happening right before the ASEAN Summit, and right at the end “The Reds” are gathering for a massive anti-government protest.

So now the ASEAN summit will be sandwiched now-between two real reality of Thailand. First, that Thailand’s image globally has been wrecked, and second that there are a great many people in Thailand that are very strongly against the government.

And those realities, will be hitting the globe in a major way-thanks to Abisit bringing the ASEAN meet to Thailand.

Foreign media heading to Thailand for the ASEAN summit in Phuket, will certainly see an island that is locked down tight with security-many will be told that it is because of the red shirt disruption of the other ASEAN summit-that Bangkok Post called the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to Thailand.

While the ASEAN delegates goers, and about 30 delegates from around the world, said the issue of human right will be discussed for the first time the issue of human right, but there is no getting away with the fact that even peaceful protest will not be allowed.

So what do people fighting for democracy in Thailand-even if they go overboard at times-do in response of being shut out.

Well there will be a major public forum on Thailand’s global image right before the ASEAN meet. And as the ASEAN meet closes, the Reds will be organizing a mass gathering in Bangkok-and they say about 100,000 anti-government Thais will show up.

Both the public forum and the mass gathering-will sandwich ASEAN right in between.

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