Democracy: Thailand’s Main Question is “Too Stupid to Vote” or “Too Stupid to Govern”

Am I also too stupid to be in Thailand?

Am I also too stupid to be in Thailand?

by Terry/Tavivoot

The Poor: Too Stupid to Vote?

The right wing in Thailand doesn’t want to reform the constitution and make Thailand’s democratic process pure, clean and representative. But they want to make less representative and more about appointment. That is because they say, “The poor are too stupid to vote.”

But yes, it is true vote buying in Thailand’s rural area is rampant and the educational level is below those in Bangkok.

How bad have things gotten in Thailand? Well not too long ago, a Mercedes had an accident with a motorcycle on Sukhumvit area, the richest districe in Bangkok. And the guy driving the Mercedes jumped out of the car-and hit the motorcycle guy-and said, “You are a low class bastard who is too stupid to drive in Bangkok.”

When the police came to investigate the acident, the Mercedes guy told the police, “Don’t mind him, he is just a poor stupid bastard.”

That incident came right about the same time the righ wing were propagating “heavily” their preference of giving less power to the lower classes of Thai society-by focusing on having politicians be appointed not elected.

The Right Wing: Too Stupid to Govern?

Well, Thailand now is hit by the epidemic and has the highest death rate in Asia. But for months and months the current government of the right wing said this epidemic is nothing big-and didn’t do much about it.

Now that things have gotten out hand and health officials say the epidemic will likely kill some 2,000 Thais in the next few years-the government of the right wing just organized a major gathering of Thailand’s best health care people, like doctors and such-to find a proper solution.

Well better late than never.

But like that poor guy driving the motorcycle that was hit by the Mercedes and then called too stupid to drive, at that big righ wing organized health care meet, several doctors walked out in protest.

“This government is too stupid to govern,” said one doctor, totally pissed off, on the way out of the meet.

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