Politics: The Key Challenges for Thailand’s Young Prime Minister, Abisit, is can he “Re-Thinking”

A bright and beautiful lies ahead for Abisit and the right wing-but reaching it-may mean some re-thinking
A bright and beautiful future lies ahead for Abisit and the right wing-but reaching it-may mean some re-thinking
We would like to say thanks to Bangkok Post, True TV and Vietnam News

By Terry/Tavivoot

The following are what some are saying about Thailand and the risk and opportunities that lies ahead.

  • Today a senior CP head went on True TV and said China was able to get its economy on track for one reason only-and that is stimulating its grassroots. He also said the opportunity for Thailand in a fast recovering China is in getting China to invest in Thailand and Thai export of fruits and vegetables.
  • Today also, Bangkok Post ran a story quoting a global leading marketing research unit-and it said Thailand, with the lowest consumers confidence in Asia that is improving bit by bit, needs to focus on two things-government efficiency and political stability.
  • Today also, Vietnam News, said that the Vietnam government is going to start “Establishing The Vietnam Brand” for its agricultural products sector.
  • Today also, thai tourism private sector said the government stimulus package is slow in implementation, the government needs to increase its assistant to the industry, and that Thailand has a very bad image problem.

Giving due credit due-all of the above, were things Thaksin addressed in a serious way-from grassroots, to FTA with China to establishing a strong Thai Brand, to a total revamp of government and related budgeting and finance process.

Obviously it is Abisit now holding the helm of Thailand-and the messages are clear enough where to focus. But is Abisit on the right track?

  • There has been no serious sign of focus on reforming the Thai political system or appeasement with the opposition.
  • There has been nothing on focusing on the grassroots at a level that Thaksin did or what China did.
  • There has been nothing on attracting Chinese investments to Thailand on a top level and continuous efforts.
  • There has been nothing on building the Thai brand-instead the Thai Brand is being hurt greatly by the political agenda of limiting free press.
  • There has been nothing, that is significant, on helping the Thai tourism industry.

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