Thai Culture: 2) Make the Call, is Thailand’s Future Bright? or Dim?

Is Thailand better under Abisit or is it worse off?
Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down for Thailand?


You Make the Call!


“Who are these military people telling me to step down,” Kasit, Thailand’s foreign minister

Situation: Poll says 60% of Thais want Kasit out after police start query if Kasit was involved in terrorism. Terrorist are also very active in Thailand’s deep south. Kasit also bought Thailand to the brink of war with Cambodia.

“There is no military people telling Kasit to step down,” Abisit, Thailand’s prime minister.

Situation: Abisit have been saying one thing and doing the opposite on so many occasions, many Thai doubt his words.

“Suthep didn’t go see Hunsen because there is a problem between Kasit and Hunsen,” Abisit, Thailand’s prime minister.

Situation: Suthep is the power behind Abisit. Hunsen is Cambodia’s prime minister. War is a potential betwen Thailand and Cambodia. In attacking the former government’s foreign policy, Kasit called Hunsen a cheap hoodlum. Kasit is now Thailand’s foreign minister.

“Most Thais do not trust the Thai judiciary system and think it has a double standard in being pro right wing,” Suan Dusit Poll.

Situation: It has been documented that the Thai judiciary system has been infiltrated and now dominated by the right wing.

“About 200,000 Thai small to medium enterprises are on the verge of collapse,” Thai Rath, a mass circulated daily that is neutral, economic team reporters said.

Situation: Under Thaksin, SEM and grass roots enterprises were built up, but the Abisit government is not following up.

“About 1,200 Thais will die from the epidemic in the next few years,” doctors, quoted in Thai Rath.

Situation: The Abisit government told Thais the epidemic was not a major health risk to Thais. Now Thailand has the highest death rate from the epidemic in Asia.

“The government must be open and tell the people the truth about the epidemic,” Chuan, a key Democrat Party leader.

Situation: Chuan, leader of the same party of Abisit, is seen as clean and open. However, the latest is that the health Minister maintains that the government did nothing wrong.

“Thai Railway is infected with massive systemic corruption, and same thing is happening with the 40,000 million baht new bus plan,” right wing Manager Weekly.

Situation: Manager Weekly belongs to Sondhi, a violent prone reight winger, who supports the government-but hates corruption above all els. The Democrat Party is known as very clean and Abisit is above financial corruption. However, Thailand is one of the most corrupt country in the world-especially at inventing new ways to steal from the public.

“Thai tradition of welcoming guest is being destroyed by politics,” Thai Rath editorial.

Situation: When Thaksin was the PM, the right wing hounded him everywhere he went. Now the red shirt are doing the same and now hound Abisit everywhere he went.

“The government needs to lower taxes because Thai businesses are having a very difficult time,” Thai joint-chamber of commerce.

Situation: The Abisit government is borrowing spending massively to put life back into the economy. The government pin hopes that the life injected will mean higher tax receipts to keep its finance in order. But businesses prefer tax reduction.

“Extremely tight security when it comes to anything the government does. And also extremely expensive public relations campaign to anything the government does,” Thailand opposition party spokesman.

Situation: In one trip, by Abisit to E-Sarn, a stronghold of Thaksin, it was marked by security from Thailand’s special forces and a prep-up of the town he visited with about 200 million baht spending.

“The government must reconsider its rice strategy before it is destroyed,” Matichon Weekly piece on the future of Thai rice.

Situation: Export-wise, cheaper rice than Thai rice is available. Internally-wise, the Abisit government has switch traditional price support scheme-to a new scheme.

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