Thai Culture: 3) Smart Propaganda vs Stupid Propaganda in Thailand

I disagree with the Bangkok Post political philosophy, but I still respect them and proud that I was once a journalist-because they are always doing things smartly there.
Many disagree with the Bangkok Post political philosophy, but I still respect them and proud that I was once a journalist there-because they are always doing things smartly there.

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By Terry/Tavivoot

Note: I am writing on this because I actually have some readers who are right wingers-and I just want to do them a service here and inform them that the best paper for smart right wing propaganda, is the Bangkok Post.

Believe it of Not

I literally don’t believe it when Nganadeleg, a neutral and popular blogger, said that the Bangkok Post erased a post from its forum Internet board.

And I could not believe it either that Bangkok Pundit, an extremely popular blogger with expatriates, said that the Nation reported that 70% of the people of E-Sarn supports Abisit.

Censoring Forum Board-Smart propaganda Move

On the Bangkok Post-so I thought it must be something really bad and nasty-to invoke a censoring activity by the Bangkok Post. So I read the post that Nganadeleg saved-the one that he says was censored out out of the forum. 

Well I must say after reading the censored post, that if I were a right winger who hated Thaksin greatly and deeply into Nationalism-I probably would find it suitable for censorship also. So my conclusion is, if what Nganadeleg said is true, the Bangkok Post has done a swell service to the Thai society-that is if you are part of the right wing society.

Others have erased it as well, sure, but people at those others-mostly anti-right wing-are on the verge of landing in jail and so really are real careful. But who dares mess with the Post or threaten it. 

But then if you are looking at this from a modern and open perspective-like a forum is where ideas and opinions exchanges freely-you probably think that this censoring activity is just another confirmation of the Bangkok Post position on free and independent press.

Lying Straight Face-Stupid Propaganda Move

Then on the Nation-the first thing than came to my mind, since I worked for both the Bangkok Post and the Nation Group in the past, is that here we go again.

Like how many times have the Nation Group do these type of lying straight face already-most people have lost count and lost track. But the Nation just keeps doing it and getting away with it.

Like really, to say 70% of E-Sarn people supports Abisit-is just like saying hey the world, the Nation has a bunch of stupid people reading us-so join in if you are stupid enough to buy what we say.

The Difference between the Post and the Nation

I have been telling people all my life since leaving the two papers that the only thing different between the Bangkok Post and the Nation-is that the one can always depends on the Post for “smart right wing propaganda,” and you can always depend on the Nation for “stupid right wing propaganda.”


My recommendation to the Post is, while it is way ahead of the Nation-don’t slack off on being smart because the Nation is like a bunch of young kids with loads of energy-so if they gets the smarts and shape up, they can catch up.

To the Nation my recommendation is to work on the credibility thing-because really it is getting to the point that trusting the Nation with simple basic facts and reality is getting to be a very hard thing to do.

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