Diplomacy: Dutch Ambassador Trash Key Thai extreme right

Looks like Thailand's bast hope for a peaceful settlement to its self-destructive way is now gone with Bavornsak, the "Peace Train" leader, himself have now become a right winger.
Former Thai “Peace Train” leader, Bavornsak, take a right wing turn and now pro-putting people in jail.


This article is based on the information provided by prachathai at http://www.prachatai.com/english/node/1298


By Terry/Tavivoot

Ambassadors to a country is usually very sensitive to the country they are stationed in and what ever there is to be said-they as a rule say it in private.

But now in Thailand, you have the Dutch Ambassador going public and trashing an important legal mind Thai guy-like Bavornsak.

And you just know that literally speaking-things are getting to a very bad and nasty level-over something, that is very important.

Well Bawornsak, Thailand’s best legal mind and former Thaksin cabinet secretary general who ditch Thakain and went to find himself by being a monk, is back in a big way.

And this bodes ill for Thailand because in Thailand’s legal circle, “When Bavornsak speakes, judges and lawyers listen.”

But before coming back in a big way by writings in the right wing Bangkok Post for many days in a row about how Thai lese majeste laws were OK-did learned something from being a monk and that was “Peace” is the important thing.

So with “Peace” on his mind then, he used the highly respected Phra Poklao Institute, to be the focal point in bringing all sides that are contributing to this conflict Thailand to the table-to work out a gentlemens compromise.

Well according to the Bavornsak rule of engagement-everything was to be on the table for negotiations. Thaksin was all for it, but the right wingers were dead-serious against it. Well Bavornsak was trashed by the Yellow shirt off course. So what is Bavornsak to do?

Well what ever went through Bavornsak’s mind after trying his best to solve the puzzle in Thailand, he certainly emerged as a right winger now. 

Because in Bavornsak’s the long running series in the Bangkok Post on lese majeste laws, Bavornsak compared the Thai lese majeste law to European laws on lese majeste-and basically said what Thailand is doing, like putting people in jail for it, is proper and legal.

Well that literally freaked-out the Dutch Ambassador who responded by going public and said that “Bavornsak better be careful in doing the comparison.”

So there you have it, how a Thaksin supporter went all the way from that day of defending Thaksin-to studying the European law and using it to justify Thailand’s right wing lese majeste law.

But seriously speaking, don’t you just get the feeling that Bavornsak is trying to get back into the political action and the power corridors of Bangkok again by doing the right wing turn like that.

And the only reason this blog is writing about this-is because Bavornsak is considered to have one of Thailand’s best legal mind-and literally speaking, there are loads and loads of lesser minds in the acedemic circle in Thailand that follow what ever Bavornsak thinks.

So this Bavornsak doing the right wing thing, is really a dangerous turn for Thailand.

What it says to people like me, is that hope for a settlement and compromise between the red and the yellow is really a pipe dream of both idealist and pragmatist in Thailand. This Bavornsak development says Thailand continues on the road of self-destruction.

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