Economics: 1) Thai Government’s “Problems Shooter” Suthep, with an Ego the Size of Godzilla Attacks NESDB


NESDB spoils Suthep's plan for spending 40,000 million baht on buses

NESDB spoils Suthep's plan for spending 40,000 million baht on buses

By Terry/Tavivoot

Khao Sod, the gress-roots arm of the right wing intellectual Matichon media empire, just ran a story about how Suthep is pissed off at NESDB.

Pissed off at NESDB? I mean this is the NESDB-where far from being perfect, but still is a major brain power center of Thailand. That certainly say that the person doing the piss off thing must have an ego the size of Godzilla.

And being so pissed off like that, it may indicate NESDB is putting at risk some deep planning by Suthep.

So who is Suthep? And where is that Godzilla size of an ego comes from?  Well to many people Suthep is the real power behind Abisit. Many goes as far as saying he is the real Thai Prime Minister. On the edge of that way of thinking, many said Abisit is just a pupet for Suthep to pull the strings.

Khao Sod in sum said that NESDB-a long term planning unit under the Thai Prime Minister that is used by the government to study big ticket spending items-told the government that NESDB needed to look the 40,000 baht bus purchase in its “entirety.”

That “Entirity” means not just being confined to deciding if it is better to “Lease” or “Buy” the buses-as Abisit told the NESDB to do.

Well if you remember, the “Bus” issue is another point of contention between Abisit and his key ally, the Nevin Fraction. The press also pointed out that it looks like buying is better than renting and exposed that Nevin renting objective, may be hidden with loads of systemic corruption.

So Nevin and the Abisit were heading into a nasty fight over this big piece of spending, and so Abisit threw the ball to NESDB to settle matters. The mandate the government threw to NESDB was-decide if renting or buying is better.

Well, Suthep’s Godzilla size ego aside, most business people when deciding to spend massively on something, would tend to look at the purchase in its entirety-like how it would fit into the overall picture of the organization.

Well the bus purchase for the Bangkok bus unit, is meant to help stop the blood letting because the unit has been running at a loss and have accumulated a loss of about 100,000 million baht now.

So NESDB, told the government in sum that it needed to look at the bus unit overall also to decide if it is better to buy or rent the buses-like any normal and rationale businessman will do.

That off course means NESDB will make recommendations beyond just rent or buy.

And for some reason, Suthep just found this position of the NESDB not-acceptable and got very very pissed off.

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