Economics: 2) Thai Prime Minister, Abisit, “Preaches” Sufficiency, But Borrow and Spend Massively

Don't you just wonder sometimes if Abisit thinks we are all ideots for believing him?

Don't you just wonder sometimes if Abisit thinks we are all idiots for believing him?


By Terry/Tavivoot

“I believe and confident that sufficiency is the solution to the Thai people and Thailand,” said Abisit himself-and if you don’t believe me-just turn on the TV or listen to the radio, because every 5 minuets or so, the message repeats itself.

Well Abisit is using a great deal of money propagating to the Thais that he is really all about sufficiency and that the Thai people should totally adopt sufficiency as a solution to their condition.

I mean I have lost count how many times Abisit message on sufficiency had appeared on TV and radios. 

Then at the same time, his government is borrowing massively and spending massively. I literally have lost count of how many billions and trillions he has borrowed and plan to spend.

So to an ordinary guy like me, I just wonder what it is really all about-to say one thing and do the opposite. Is it just hypocrisy? Or is just a public relations campaign?

Some with conspiracy leaning attitude say it is about buying votes and about getting Thais to stick the money in the bank and so be available for the government to borrow and spend. Some in the academic circle says it is about re-distribution of wealth to targeted sectors of the economy.

While others say it is about the aged old “right wing-Thai commercial banks-central bank” alliance to enrich a small in-group. 

What ever it is, perhaps I am too critical-because the message on the TV said-if you are going to spend-spend it wisely. Well who can argue with that?

But then again, I look at Abisit’s own spending-and isn’t the government trashing sufficiency like that is based on the justification that the government needs to inject demand into the economy?

So lets forgive Abisit for trashing sufficiency and borrowing and spending like mad, because there is a good rationale for it. But so to don’t come to people like me when we spend and say “stick with sufficiency it is good for you,” because some people like me also want to inject demand into the economy with spending.

So the question is, is Abisit spending wisely like he tells the Thai people to do so?

Well, as a neutral observer, I will leave you to make the final call on this one.

But in the US, the Bush government did gave away money to its people-very much like Abisit did with the check and school refund thing-but it only injected demand into the economy for about a week-then the US headed right back into a slowdown. The latest news from the US is that maybe there has to be a second, third and fourth great big stimulus package.

Well, all I can say is that I really feel bad  having to take the hypocracy Abisit is trashing out-like all the time.

I mean if Abisit is listening to people like me, please just sit back and contemplate what you, yourself, is really all about-and roll with that. I mean when will the real Abisit show himself and be a leader of the country-taking it the way he wants it to go.

Because the message people like me are getting, is that he is very confused and lost.

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