Thaksin Focus: “A New and Improved” Thaksin?

Thaksin is a global class power player-Abisit can't even  stage the ASEAN meeting in a safe place.
Thaksin is a global class power player-Abisit can’t even stage the ASEAN meeting in a safe place.

by Terry/Tavivoot

Abisit failed

Maybe it is a warning to Abisit to sharpen up because Thaksin is waiting in the wings. But well, the Senate Speaker just said that the Abisit government has accomplished little in the past 6 month.

And actually if you call polarizing Thais into fractions so Abisit can manipulate it and stay in power-like by keep inciting Thaksin with a freaky twist-its economic policy now that is starting to polarize Thai business as well.

So actually, the Abisit government, apart from accomplishing little possitive things, is in fact taking Thailand into a dive.

So naturally, at this point, many people will start to wonder what would Thaksin do, to get Thailand back in the right track-putting aside if it is possible or not. And don’t call me a Thaksin lackey again, I am just naturally curious that is all and exploring this issue without an objective.

The Old Thaksin

Well, the old Thaksin was brash and confident-sort of like an executive CEO type. That is good for leadership and confidence-but it also made him lots of enemies in a jealous prone country like Thailand that has a small clique of money and power hungry people. The right wing thing is just their way of keeping things under their fold and nothing much more than that.

But with everyday that passes-it is getting clearer by the day that the old days are gone. The North and E-Sarn increasingly are looking for real representation in the power structure of Bangkok-and have leaned a great deal about politicians and now want permanent and sustainable interest in them.

So that clique of very powerful people are loosing their grip by the day-with some starting to realize the inevitable. But really, even if the doors to the power corridor of Bangkok opens for Thaksin again, what on earth will he do?

The Big Mess Needs Cleaning Up

The globe is in a mess. And as the Economist pointed out, apart from one or two Thai conglomerates, there is nothing else left that is Thai. What remain-in commerce, construction and banking-are fighting nail and teeth with foreign businesses.

So what will Thaksin do if he is again the Prime Minister? Where will he target his energy? Well if I remember correctly, Thailand has sort of went through this question before.

And the Thaksin answer was to build-up Thailand’s SME, Real Sector, and High-Touch products-added off course small communities arts and crafts like OTOP. So basically, Thaksin pinned Thailand’s hope on entrepreneurship of the Thais to build massive numbers of businesses on the grass-roots level. That was on the supply side mainly.

On the demand side what did Thaksin do to get things rolling. Apart from all those SME entrepreneur engines of supply and demand, Thaksin also laid the ground-work for what Abist is copying and that is the populus policies. But there is a big differences-Thaksin targeted the money where it would create the most demand impact-not just wasting billions of billions into things like checks for everyone and a 300 baht reduction in school expense-all for votes.

Thaksin Ooozes Confidence

All that said and done, it is not difficult to copy Thaksin one would think.

But the fact is that Thaksin just ooozes confidence-and can talk to any global business leaders on the same level convincingly-that off course bring confidence in the country. And that confidence meant foreign investments in all sort of areas-and more open trade environment.

So Thaksin wanted investments, trade, SME, productive grass-roots and powerful spending power. But what gets me curious really is what about the New Thaksin?

A New Thaksin?

The guy who now sees that he might have been too aggressive, brash, and confident-may now be gone some-what. You can just see this new Thaksin all over the place if you look close enough.

The events in the past few years have shown a Thaksin that is very much accommodating, humbled and sensitive to the feelings of other people. So now we have a CEO type of guy who bravely took Thailand into the future and global community-but with a twist that he is more of a kind and gentler CEO.

The old skills and reflects are probably there-but with added much needed diplomatic and communications skills. And surely, I don’t have a clue if Thaksin is as corrupt as they say he is or not-but surely if he did something wrong-he had paid for it being exiled and live on the run like this-and more importantly, must have learned that lesson already.

I just wonder really what this new Thaksin can do for Thailand-that is if the power corridors  in Thailand opens up for him again. But then maybe the North and E-Sarn people will crack open that door for Thaksin.

I rather see some sort of an agreement-to keep the change gradual and moderate. But then that is another story.

Decide for Yourself

As a neutral observer, I am not saying that I support his return or against it-but just curious that is all. I mean Thaksin rescued Thailand from the depth of a economic crisis once.

Then now it is Abisit turn to show he can also do the same. But looks like he is failing. So don’t paint me as a Thaksin lackey or something.

 But is is just natural to think of Thaksin that is all-especially if Thaksin is indeed “New and Improved” that would be wonderful would it not?

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