Journalism: US Federal Communication Commission says its mission is Diversity over Moral Crusade

Does starving people of diversified information, make them better people or worse?

Does starving Thais of diversified information, make them better people or worse?

Terry/Tavivoot Comment:

The biggest threat to the media in any society that is advance enough for people to seriously need information-is if the information will not be good enough.

Under Bush, good information is morally correct information. But under Obama, good information is diverse information.

Diverse information obviously mean a 360 degree information coverage. To get that, one needs a media community that is diverse in ownership.

Many in Thailand have complained for years that all the important media outlet here is owned and control by Bangkok and that obviously mean the elite of Bangkok controls practically all of Thailand’s media.

What that means is that the value of the elite Bangkok people gets pushed onto society as a whole and the voice of people outside of the elite Bangkok never gets attention.

As a neutural observer here in Thailand, all I dare to say-isn’t that the Bangkok’s media empires are self-distructing by not diversifying its coverage to include points of views from other parts of the Thai society-but that they may be hurting Thailand’s development efforts over all.

I will leave you to make the call on this one but just want to say that recently, a cutting edge Thai movie director-let the final version of the movie go blank in several places instead of editing it to please the Thai censorship board. The scenes that went blank was about how deep two people love each other and how they expressed it physically.

The director said it was “art” that was important information to communicate but the Thai censorship said it was “sex” and just plain trash. 

In the end that movie “tanked” with the Thai viewers and never made it globally-which is very sad because that director had taken many Thai movie overseas before successfully.


[SOURCE: BusinessWeek, AUTHOR: Tom Lowry]
After years of dealing with a regulator many considered an autocrat and ideologue, executives in media, telecom, and technology say they are encouraged by President Barack Obama’s newly confirmed chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.

Julius Genachowski, like most FCC chiefs, is a lawyer. But there the similarities with his predecessors end. Genachowski helped media mogul Barry Diller build his e-commerce empire and worked as a venture capitalist. Those experiences arguably give him a broad view of the industries he will regulate. Genachowski is also considered fair and pragmatic.

Executives believe his ascension will be a welcome change from predecessor Kevin Martin, who they say targeted certain industries and turned an obsession with what he deemed smut on TV into a moral crusade. Here, say FCC insiders, are three of Genachowski’s top priorities: Broadband Deployment; Network Neutrality; and media Ownership Diversity.

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