Politics: Red Garbage Bins! The sign of the times in Thailand

In nature, yellow, red and blue just makes the scene perfec-but in tourism-the Thai government better leave yellow and red out of it.

In nature, yellow, red and blue just makes the scene perfec-but in tourism-the Thai government better leave yellow and red out of it.

by Terry/Tavivoot:

Its holiday time in Thailand and I took my wife and kid to Talingchan, an area sort of like a miniature Venice, for some rest and relaxation.

All was well until my wife pointed out that she never saw “Trash Bins” in Thailand in the “Red Color” before-for those new to Thailand, red is the color of a very vocal group of pro-democracy movement that is against the current government.

Those red gargage bins were everywhere at the little Venice-probably had made especially by people who hates the red movement.

“No way,” I told myself that this is about politics. But my wife said “Maybe it is.” As a former red shirt supporter who is now very neutral, I still felt pissed-off.

Then the TV at the stall selling noodles came on with news that the government was starting a campaign “I love Thailand” that will go global. And that just made the noodle merchants very happy and started talking about politics and how great the campaign will help Thai tourism. 

Well, I was getting more sour by the moment because the Thai Foreign Minister just got zapped for being a suspect terrorist for his involvement in shutting off  Bangkok’s main airport and strandling millions of tourist all over Thailand and ASEAN.

So then two georgeous Brits girls came walking by and normally I will smile to beautiful girls but this time I was angry and I looked very mean. And one of the girls said, “He doesn’t look all that happy.”

I told my wife I had it with Thailand if politics was going to creep into everything like that and I was going to head for neighboring countries-by skipping these small trips and saving up for a bigger one.

Well I told my wife I didn’t want to go to Burma because going there is like supporting a dictatorship; I didn’t want to go to Cambodia because they hate Thais there; I didn’t want to go to Laos because it reminds me to much of Thailand in the past and coming back to reality in Thailand will be a shock; I didn’t want to go to Vietnam because the girls there are the most attractive in the region and I wanted quality family time; I told her I didn’t want to go to Malaysia because some people there supports Thai terrorist who kills randomly, and I didn’t want to go to Singapore because it was too boring and homogenized. 

Well my wife, Pookie, just laught and said I was back to being a cynic journalist again as usual.

“Look at it this way Terry-Burma is the land where liberty is budding and can be felt strongly in the people-Cambodia is a super-hero fighting against the big bad Thailand-Laos is a time capsule to get lost in-Malaysia is where Asia meets the Middle-East-Vietnam is where youthful exuberance is everywhere-and Singapore is an island of tranquility and peace.”

Well what about Thailand I asked her? And she said, “Just pretend you are Jack Nicholson in that mover “One Flew Over a Cookoos Nest.”

Well knowing myself how crazy I can be, I said maybe I better stick to Thailand because I am perfect for it then. But please, I can take just about anything but these red color garbage bins are just way too much.

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