Democracy: Consumers Activism Hits Thailand


With busineeemen underfire globally, "Consumers Activism" is a trend on the way up

With businessmen underfire globally, "Consumers Activism" is a trend on the way up

Terry/Tavivoot Comment:


Globally, consumers activist is a trend on the way up.


If anyone can remember back to the days when White ruled South Agfrica, it was also these types of consumers protest against all leading universities in ther US like Stanford for investing reserve money in compenies that did business with White controlled South Africa.


After those protest, the universities began selling shares in companies that

invested there and it bank-rupted White controlled South Africa. 


In Thailand, the rumor is that the Nation Group is having to see massive amounts of their prints being returned from the North and E-Sarn. The rumor also includes large numbers of people “Axing” their accounts with a certain bank that had been heavily involved in funding the far-right agenda.


As a neutural observer, all I can say is that I pray, that boycott-Thailand doesn’t become a trend globally. 


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BBC Worldwide


In June 2008 Burma Campaign UK updated its ‘dirty list’ of companies that are directly or indirectly helping to finance Burma’s brutal military dictatorship. BBC Worldwide, the commericial arm of the BBC, was added due to its 75% stake in Lonely Planet travel guides. Lonely Planet vigorously defends its publication of a guide to Burma, despite Aung San Suu Kyi and the Burmese democracy movement’s call for tourists to stay away. Tourism is a vital source of income to the military junta. According to  Burma Campaign UK, BBC Worldwide maintains that Lonely Planet will continue to publish its Burma guidebook. View the full Dirty List here.

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