Politics: Abisit makes major moves to Red Shirts strong-hold of E-Sarn

Some says he is the master mind behind it all
Some says he is the master mind behind it all


by Terry/Tavivoot

As a neutral observer in Thailand, I certainly don’t follow the local news for a varitry of reason-like now with Abisit heading to E-Sarn and all the local news are going after the split in the government angle-like really I am a bit confused how a trip to E-Sarn can destroy the far right agenda?

But the first thing that came into my mind was “Does Abisit know what he is doing?” Then because it is Abisit, I said to myself “Off course he knows what he is doing.”

I had to ask if Abisit knows what he is doing because heading to E-Sarn just increased the risk profile to Thai politics by about 1000%-meaning E-Sarn is the home of the Red Shirt and Thaksin.

So the next question I asked myself was if it is “Fair” or is it some type of a “Devious” plan to stir-up trouble on purpose.

Well I really don’t know, because I am not Abisit’s inner circle-but I will just say, it could be that he really thinks he can win votes there and is going for it, or he could be looking to stir up problem on purpose to get sympathy for votes elsewhere by painting the Red Shirts as a bunch of crazy animals.

Then again maybe the local press are on the money, and this is some tactic to warn Abisit’s coalition parties to stay in his fold “Now” and toe the his line-or else.

Then maybe he is thinking about multiple hits here. Knowing how smart Abisit is when it comes to politics, all I can say is watch out-because who knows what is going to happen now.

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