Thai Culture: 4) Thais With Eyes that Can Not See

Few Thais have the eyes to appreciate the greatness in the wisdom of that comes from high places

Few Thais have the eyes to appreciate the greatness in the wisdom that comes from high places

What if I told you there is someone in Thailand who said that when we Thai encounter something new-like a changing global wind coming-it is wise to pick and choose what is good in that global wind and don’t go for the bad stuff that comes with it? Lets just say that this person in number one in Thailand.

And what if I told you that there is also someone who said that being stuck in tradition, without changing to the global wind is not wise; and changing with that global wind but loosing touch with tradition is also not wise? Lets just say that this person is the son of number one.

Well I am nobody really and will not invoke their names to scare you, and out of respect for number one and his son-I will leave them out of this common level.

But that is the problem with Thailand really, and that is the Thais just don’t listen too well to the people they say are the most important in Thailand.

Like number one son said why the heck not have it all both new stuff and old stuff.

I mean in Thailand, you got some freakco on one side totally stuck in tradition and the past with a screw the globe mentality, and you also got some freakco on the other side totally stuck in going with the changing global wind with a screw tradition mentality.

And like number one said to be smart and go for only the good stuff. 

I mean you have Democracy and freedom-that are just great in their pure form-but then instead of adopting and implementing it as pure as posible here-like number one said to pick the good from the bad-we Thai end up adopting and implementing the ugly side of Democracy and freedom which is in using it to legitimize bad things.

We Thais are special and unique in that we have two great guys-like number one and his son looking after Thailand. But while we say we love them, respect them and want to protect them-isn’t it more important that we show our love by actually listening to them and follow their advice?

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