Thai Culture: 2) Thailand, with Abhisit, Stuck with “An Elephant in the Room”

Integrity has no price for many but to others it is suicide
Integrity has no price for many but to others it is suicide

If ever there is a time to really feel sorry for Thailand it is now, with the rock being Amnesty International blasting away at many of Thailand’s key institution and a hard place being the need to protect the integrity of those institution.

So what does a neutural guy that is non-political, and stuck in Thailand, to think? 

Its clear that in this case supression is like fuel that flames the fire. But it is also clear that a fire, however small, needs to be distinguished before getting out of hand. And in this, I mean no negativeness or possitiveness to the term fire.

The bottom line is that it looks like Thailand is playing the percentages, trying to get throug-buying time-in a fire that is buring without having a clue on how to deal with it-meaning again the more supression the hotter the fire gets and the lessening of the supressing, the hotter the fire also gets.

So what is the water that will cool down Thailand and help put out the fire-raging in the hearts and minds of many Thais and foreigners?

I don’t have an answer for you.

All I can say is that to many, there is no price on integrity and yet to others Thailand once did spend all its reserves in protecting the integrity of the baht and it ended up bankrupting Thailand and a loss of financial freedom to the IMF.

I am a Thai somewhat but there is no somewhat in the fact that I love this country and my take on this is simple, I will cast my vote when the election comes in private. And what ever the outcome of the election-if it is truly a free election-I will respect it as the wishes of the Thai people.

And at least, the fire in me will be out-for a while that is till the following election.


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